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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 22, 2015

Welcome to the Maid of Steel podcast! We are so glad you are embarking with us on this journey to follow Supergirl on CBS, because we are excited to have the opportunity to talk about the show. Karen and I (Emilee) a take a few moments at the beginning of this podcast to tell you a little about ourselves and also what drew us in to wanting to podcast about Supergirl before diving into the show and what we know so far about it.

What's In A Name
The name Maid of Steel is kind of a play on Man of Steel, but also a pun - as in made of steel. Sometimes I feel like having to explain it makes it lose some of it's effect, but I believe it's worth mentioning largely because of the way our culture has purported certain words having to do with women. There is a very cool scene in the pilot where Kara questions Cat Grant's use of the word "girl" in Supergirl, and both Karen and I think that our podcast name speaks to this same point. We are proud to be women! To be girls! And so far this show is reclaiming the word for its original intent. Maid comes from the word maiden, which simply means "young woman", particularly an unmarried one. We don't find it derogatory, and hope that you don't either! Read more...

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