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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Jan 19, 2020

Loss is hard. How do you even begin to mourn an entire universe? Our Paragons must pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and find a way out. They are trapped in the Vanishing Point with a super villain. On a positive note Lex Luthor has a brilliant, albeit dangerous mind. Maybe his scheming can help them escape. Then there's the question of their loving speedster Barry Allen. Where has he run off to?

Barry has entered the speed force. He believes that could be the key to breaking free. The question still remains. Where is there to go? The antimatter has consumed the entire world and not just one world but all of them. Without an infusion of additional power our scarlet speedster will continue to keep getting ejected out of the speed force back to the darkness of the Vanishing Point. They need more help.

Oliver Queen was not named as a Paragon. He is something else. He has been on this road of transformation since the billionaire playboy got stuck on an island. He did not want to return to Earth when Constantine and John Diggle went to Purgatory to retrieve his soul. Oliver is beyond that now but that doesn’t mean he can't help friends now. As The Spectre hecan light the spark.

We witnessed how Mar Novu started his universe hopping ways. We saw how his curiosity resulted in the creation of the antimatter universe. In this terrible place rose an Anti-Monitor. He is a tyrant set on death and destruction with shadow demons to serve him. Can the destruction of this horrible place help our heroes restore our universe? Can that enormous amount of power be turned around to recreate some of the billions that were lost in the blink of an eye?

Oliver meets Barry in the speed force to give him advice and a power boost. This team has the harder part of the quest. They all fought valiantly against the shadow demons as Oliver went toe to toe with the Anti-Monitor. The spark lit in their battle caused an explosion that gave Earth its’ rebirth.

The Paragons are disoriented as they are thrust into life in this new place. This is not the dawn of time or a world rising from the ashes of another. This is an Earth full of life and already in the middle of the story. Only the Paragons know what has happened. J’onn, our Paragon of Honor, honors Oliver by telling key people of his sacrifice.

Sara takes charge as the Anti-Monitor threatens to destroy all that Oliver sacrificed to restore. The power he gained as the Spectre was enough to birth a universe but the Anti-Monitor lives on to cause havoc.

Ray, Ryan, and Wells put their brilliant minds together to solve a problem. Brute force alone is unable to overcome this villain. Wells owes this world his intellect considering he is the reason we are in this mess. He released the Anti-Monitor from his prison. How do you solve a big problem? Perhaps make it smaller.

Our Super hero brain trust puts their heads together and with the fast fingers of Barry construct a device. When launched at the Anti-Monitor by Supergirl it really shrinks him down in size. He should be much easier to contain now. You know what else will be easier now? Teaming up with super friends and joining forces against the villains that attempt to harm them. Here on Earth Prime all the heroes coexist and according to the citizens of this planet it has always been this way. What the Paragon’s experienced did happen even if most people won’t have a memory of it. Lex Luthor for example has rewritten his destiny. He has won the Nobel Peace Prize. That can’t be right! I have got to fly. I must gather my Superfriends for a meeting. There is so much to discuss. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. I need you to keep your eyes peeled for small changes we may encounter in the weeks to come. The repercussions of this crisis could be infinite!