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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Lex Luthor is the Man of Tomorrow and he is controlling everything today. He is the head of the DEO and many think he is a hero. Only a select few know the truth. Not many could have their memories restored by J’onn J’onzz. He warned that restoring everyone’s memories would cause irreparable damage.


We discover that Lena knows everything because Lex made a deal with the monitor to preserve her memories. Lillian feels like she knows what is going on based on what her son tells her, but you see herein lies the power. Lex can edit the story. He can tell his mother only what he wishes her to know. Lex is always holding the cards trying to keep the advantage for himself.


Brainy is really trying to be a good boyfriend for Nia. He is learning the art of making her feel special without smothering her. At a smoothie stand he is faced with someone he didn’t expect. It’s another Brainiac. Back at the DEO there is even more including a female version who thinks she is the director. It turns out that to avoid the antimatter wave some aliens used a wormhole that led to a safe haven. Spending time with all these Brainiacs you begin to realize that Prime Brainy is different. He seems a step behind the others. When our Brainy was very young his father put personality inhibitors on him after fearing he may turn out like his mother. She put an entire planet in a bottle without stopping to think about the effect it would have on the inhabitants of that world. This is possibly the reason that Brainy did not see Crisis coming. The inhibitors kept him cut off from the Main Brain.


Kara wants to take this chance to be honest with Lena. She doesn’t know about the deal Lex struck with The Monitor to leave Lena’s memories intact. Kara attempts to sway Lena to work with her. Lillian warns Lena that working with Supergirl could lead to pain, however if she were to take Lex’s side her feelings would be spared. There is no doubt that once Lex no longer benefits from something he will pull out of that deal. You can’t have hurt feelings if you know up front there are no emotions involved. Lex even used a truth seeker to assure Lena that he would stop working with her the moment it stops benefiting him.


Did I mention that one of the Brainiacs has his world in a bottle? I do understand the motivation. His planet was about to be swallowed by antimatter and he had the knowledge that could give his people a second chance. What kind of existence is that? In his desperation to bring his people back he wants to open the bottle. The consequences of which would be catastrophic. Both worlds would die due to the energy released. Thank goodness Supergirl and Brainy are able to stop this from happening.


Nia encourages Prime Brainy to remove his inhibitors. Now having access to the Main Brain the female Brainiac 5 warns that fighting Lex Luthor will cause more harm than good. She has already seen this part of the timeline and knows the outcome. She urges our Brainy to make better choices. As a result Brainy warns Lex that his team is making plans to stop him. Lex doesn’t seem too concerned but does have a special assignment for his new ally. Lex needs future knowledge of Leviathan. After all, Lex Luthor doesn’t want to have anyone else achieving world domination except for himself.


What about Obsidian North? They want their technology in every single house. What are they going to do? Use the power of suggestion to get people to do what they want? People will be lost in a fantasy world that is so believable it’s hard to separate the real world and the virtual reality. Will they put us all in little bottles and leave us happily lost in a world made up by our own minds? One thing is for sure. Bottle episodes usually are a self contained story told in one hour. This episode has ramifications in it that will affect many episodes to come.