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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Feb 20, 2020

"Back From The Future Part Two" brings us back to Winn and his father's dark cloud over his son's life.  With Supergirl's help Winn finds the way to bring closure to his father's story and redeem the name of Toyman.  Also, Alex stumbles into Brainy's meddling into things at the DEO and the Luthor siblings move things more in their direction of non nocere and the defeat of Leviathan.  Or so they think...  This week we present a quatro of duo's...


Supergirl and Winn find Toyman's Closure

It's karaoke night at Al's and Winn, who we learn is Computer Lad in the Legion, has put down 42 pot stickers already - hey, they don't have these in the 31st Century, don't hate - William comes through the door, because Kara <em>couldn't</em> not invite him after Game Night (duhhhhhhhhh).  They duo on the band Toto's "Africa," which hopefully shall never be spoken of again.  A 9-1-1 comes to Alex about a situation at the DEO so she, J'onn, and Winn go to check it out.  Leaving Kara and William.  Together.  (Insert head  Winn comes running back calling for Super-Kara, "she's super," he says to William.  "Sure," is William's reply.  BWAH!  An emergency has come up with her DeeeeeeEeee Oooooold Grandmother and Alex needs her now.  Drones are wreaking havoc around the office and Brainy is already engaged in battle as the trio arrives and puts a stop to the drones' fun.  Brainy starts putting together that (back in Part One) Evil Winn put himself into the laptop that the DEO confiscated and now he's working his way into their system with the goal to get out into the world wide web and do some real damage.  It turns out that the code to accomplish all of this was written by Winn and his father was really excited about the work and tried to take the idea for himself.  The only option is to find the server where Evil Winn is hanging out and fry it.  Supergirl and Winn try to figure it out and come across Winn's father (the OG) Toyman who says he wants to help them and Winn is...doubtful.  When Winn can't get the kill code to be accepted by the server he figures out that he can also enter the digital space and kill the code from the inside, because he's Computer Lad.  Along the way Winn and Supergirl talk about the possibility of her relationship with William and he tells her the story of why he wrote the code that they're now trying to stop.  Winn goes into the Tron-world and finds the space where he needs to find the code.  The space is an empty DEO.  He also finds his father trapped in the conference room.  Evil Winn and Winn battle while Dad says he can help and he wants to because Evil Winn is way beyond anything he ever wanted to do.  Winn eventually trusts him.  He traps evil Winn and our Winn deletes the code, which deletes both Toyman Dad and Toyman Evil Winn.  In the aftermath Winn decides to change his Legion title to Toyman to honor the sacrifice of his father and he and Supergirl leave each other with him giving her the advice she needs as far as future relationships.  Winn takes off in his Legion ship.

Brainy and the Alex Danvers Problem

Lex tells Brainy that he's going to have to deal with the Alex Danvers problem.  Brainy isn't quite sure what he's referring to but he does deactivate her access to the spyware that she is using to keep track of what Lex is doing around the DEO.  She discovers it and confronts Brainy saying that ever since he's become disinhibited that it seems like he's hiding something.  He admits his subterfuge with her equipment and explains that he is shielding her from Lex and what he might do.  She accepts the explanation and lets it go.  Winn also confronts Brainy about Lex's plan and Brainy explains that while he has to work with Lex for the future that he is still working for the good of the team.  Finally, Lex asks Brainy to copy Toyman's code so that Lex can use it as an advantage against Leviathan.  Alex and the DEO staff are working to deactivate all of the smart weapons that Toyman can use against them and has a rough conversation with Lex about the situation.  She finds Lex-O Suits at the DEO and they have to fight them to keep Toyman from using them to escape the DEO lockdown.  After all is said and done Alex decides that she has to leave the DEO because of Lex.  Brainy hands over the code to Lex and tells him that the Alex problem has been solved.  Lex promotes Brainy to Director Querl Dox of the DEO.


The Luthor Siblings Get Their Groove

Virtual Andrea Rojas sits down on a virtual chair at a virtual table to eat a virtual lobster.  And she goes into anaphylactic shock.  She wakes up and there is Kelly Olsen - Oh, hi Kelly!  It seems there's a problem with the bio-interface for the new fangled Obsidian North Lenses 2.75 model that causes the body to react in a toxic type fashion.  Just in time Lena Luthor is at Andrea's office ready to assist in making the new generation lenses less toxic.  Andrea says she'd hate to put their friendship at risk again so the answer is no, thank you.  Lex gets the background info he needs on Gemma Cooper and stalks her at a local restaurant and proposes that they get in bed together - business wise, of course.  He sells her that he's got the people and the tech help that Obsidian needs but Andrea stands in the way.  Gemma, as Chairman of the Board, goes to Andrea and shames her into taking Lena's help.  Lex also asks Lena if he can help with her project.  She says she doesn't need anyone murdered and he firmly states that he has lots of other skills!  She is shocked by his caring about feelings and asking for permission and other basic humanity type things.  It's truly a new world, he says.  Andrea calls Lena and gives in.  Lena later talks with Lex and asks what he did to make Andrea come on board and he truthfully says that he brought it up to Gemma who applied the appropriate pressure.  We see Gamemnae and Margot sitting together and G tells M to let "The Anointed One" that the Authors are right where Leviathan wants them.


Tis Better Not To Have Lied and Loved than Never To Have Loved At All...

William asks out Kara on a date after the karaoke that shall never again be referenced.  Without answering him she has to lie about her DeeeeeeEeee Oooooold Grandmother to leave the bar.  She later tells Winn that because her friendship with Lena blew up because of the deception about her identity there's no way that she's starting a relationship based on lies.  Winn's like "why are we talking about a relationship?  Let's just start with a date and see if it's something you want to even pursue.  Baby steps, baby steps."  Later at CatCo she approaches William probably to say yes to a date but before she can say anything he pulls out a puzzle he bought for sick Grandma and Kara nervously says she just doesn't feel that way about him.  She and Alex commiserate on her couch that she flubbed it and there's a knock on her door.  Who's there?  Mr. Mxyzptlk!


There are times when you get back together with a friend that you haven't seen in years and you pick right back up where you are just like you never left.  That was Winn and Super-Kara in this episode.  Winn knows Kara and Supergirl in ways that others simply do not and the writers and director were able to bring us back into that space with them so comfortable with each other once again.  They were also able to build upon Winn's character in a short amount of time and continue to advance him and have him grow in his appreciation for what he was able to resolve and in his appreciation for all that he now has.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time that we got to spend with him and am glad he will also be back for the very special 100th episode next week.  I'm frankly surprised at the change of having Alex leave the DEO and am finding her character writing lacking in this otherwise solid season.  Kara and William have me rolling my eyes so far in the back of my head that I'm in fear of serious injury.  I can't wait to celebrate the big 100 next week and see what Mr. Mxy has in store for our Supergirl and us!