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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

May 6, 2020

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths Lex helped the other heroes save the World. Lex is always a man looking for an opening. He is always looking for an opportunity to do things his way. The Multiverse has become one. Lex Luthor is now branded a hero. He is the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. Lex the man of tomorrow who still can’t let go of yesterday.

Margot is dead. Will this shed any light on the mysterious organization she worked for? Lex is two steps ahead. Lex successfully links Margot with Amy Sapphire. Amy is the woman who blames Obsidian for her husband's demise. Technology is painted as the villain and Leviathan can remain safely tucked in the shadows. This does not make Leviathan immune to Lex’s manipulations.

Miss Tesmacher is going to be a valuable pawn in this game. She has been working as a Leviathan assassin. Leviathan has killed her father and threatens the life of her mother. Lex promises to protect Miss Tesmacher’s mother. Miss Tessmacher is now on the Platinum Project at Obsidian. She can be Lex’s eyes and ears in Obsidian. Intelligence gathered from Obsidian will be the key to earning a place into Leviathan’s inner circle. If you want to take an organization down a good place to strike is on the inside.

Agent Dox heads to the tower with the solution our Super Friends are looking for. Myriad can change the Q waves so that J’onn can find the missing people. One problem is solved but the creature that just passed the window could threaten the entire solar system. How did the Sun Eater get out of the Fortress of Solitude? Lex needs something to cause panic to motivate people to enter virtual reality in mass amounts. A creature that eats the Sun should do the trick right?

The help we need now is truly not of this world. Thank goodness Malefic heard the distress via the Q waves and sent M’gann to help. The hydrogen weapons on her ship should be able to help against this star eating monster. In space J’onn loses his grip on the explosive device and is nearly hurled into the Sun. Supergirl arrives in the Lexosuit, explodes the hydrogen, and reduces the Sun Eater to a much more manageable size.

Lena is so angry when she realizes that Myriad is being used. Supergirl had told her it was too dangerous to leave the Fortress. Lena feels it is being used against her to interrupt the frequency she is using for Non Nocere. Myriad is being used because it was the only option to help find Leviathan victims, not to thwart Lena Luthor. Her brother is behind this as well of course. He doesn’t want his sister close to the Kryptonian. This should prevent Lena from going to game night anytime soon. Lex wants his sister on his side at least as long as it suits his purpose.

Lillian Luthor is afraid her son is distracted. She warns him of repeating past mistakes. His obsession with taking down Kryptonians has killed him before. In this World he has a lot of power. This World views him as a hero. His mother does not want his judgement clouded by a vendetta, however as I said before Lex is set on doing this his way. He refuses to back down. He says that he must destroy Supergirl but he is a mortal man and many mortals have tried. When this is all over Lex Luthor hopes to transcend mortality. He wants to live forever. He wants to be a God. Can Supergirl withstand the wrath of a God? What will Lex do now that he has entered the Kryptonian sanctuary? Lena said Lex in the Fortress would be chaos and I fear she is right.