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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

May 13, 2020

Everything is connected. Well almost everything. Our team must split up to find answers. Each of them following their own thread that when woven together will shed some light on what is to come. It seems as if all things are leading back to Lex Luthor. Can the Man of Tomorrow wage war on Gods who have been causing chaos since the dawn of time? One thing seems certain. He is determined to try.

When the Sun Eater attempted to consume the center of our solar system the electricity went out. In the prison three inmates were trapped in an elevator. When claustrophobia consumes one of the inmates, Klaus, he turns violent despite the non nocere protocol. What is Lena missing here and how can she repair it? The human brain is a complex organ. When a threat is perceived then the brain evolves and goes into survival mode. The result is a prison riot.

Agent Dox is a twelfth level intellect so he knows Lex is hiding things from him. When he removed his inhibitors Brainy learned that to defeat Leviathan he would have to work with and trust Lex. As time goes on Brainy is beginning to have doubts. How much longer can Agent Dox play both sides of the game? Did the Big Brain have nefarious intentions when they gave Brainy the advice to work with Lex?

Alex and Kara go to meet Pete an expert in linguistics and iconography. They hope that his knowledge will help them determine where Leviathan will attack next. It becomes immediately apparent that whenever the symbol of Leviathan has surfaced throughout history catastrophic events have followed. Before they can uncover more information Kara is called away and Alex and Pete are chased out by an unknown gunman.

William has discovered that the person who recorded Margot Morrison’s maniphesto video was using an image inducer. Maybe it is the mysterious employee who appears to have been working closely with Leviathan while also employed at Obsidian North. Kelly remains nervous about the virtual reality lenses. This is understandable considering Alex and hundreds of other innocent people were stuck in a fantasy world of their own design. Andrea insists that she has personally fixed the problem and the platform is safe. Nothing is going to stop the Worldwide Unity Festival that has been scheduled. If Kelly continues to push she may lose her job and more importantly her access to what is going on inside Obsidian.

Lena has pushed the limits of her friendship with Kara. After the events at the Fortress, Supergirl is seeing red every time her name is mentioned. The truth of the matter is that Kara is probably more hurt than angry. Why did her friend believe she was using Myriad to hurt her? Lena jumped to conclusions just when Kara was starting to have hope that their friendship could be repaired. Lex proves to Lena that he has not really changed. He is not the hero the world now perceives him to be. Perhaps she has chosen wrong but it is not to late to ally with the other side. Just because Lex is a monster doesn’t mean she has to be.

Lex Luthor discards what he no longer deems useful. Let it go up in flames like the prison. Hopefully Lena makes the decision in time to switch teams before her brother’s mayhem consumes her. What about Brainy? Will Lex dispose of him when he no longer serves a purpose? Nia tells Brainy that he can’t play both sides forever.

Dreamer uncovers some secrets as she slumbers. Her vision leads both teams to Oregon. Supergirl and Rama Khan have a battle of Earth shattering consequences. J’onn and M'gann minimize the damage from below using their terraform abilities. Agent Dox shuts out the super friends insisting that Rama Khan be taken to the DEO. The DEO is right where the villain wants to be. Supergirl tries to subdue Rama Khan but the tables are turned. Rama Khan draws all the kryptonite to himself incapacitating the Girl of Steel.

The DEO is reduced to a pile of rubble and Rama Khan has escaped. Leviathan now has kryptonite and a stolen weapon from the Fortress of Solitude. Andrea is adamant the Worldwide Unity Festival will take place. The good news is everyone seems safe for now. Lena wants to help defeat Lex and Leviathan. Will Lex’s invitation to the ship be all that he hopes for? What will happen to the citizens of Earth as they converge in a virtual space? Who kidnapped William? One thing I know for sure is that your eye in the sky Green Butterfly will tell you the latest as this story flies to its conclusion.