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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

Supergirl and her team have faced a lot of turmoil recently. Not the least of which was a crisis of epic proportion. The process of bringing numerous Earth’s together left Supergirl and her friends on Earth Prime. I fear the cosmic shift will lead to many yet unforeseen problems. Lex Luthor has manipulated his way to the center of it all, crowning himself the Paragon of Truth. Many crazy events have transpired. Perhaps this butterfly should start at the beginning.

Lena sold Catco to Andrea Rojas who is eager to turn it in to a tabloid newspaper. Why should she report real news when her main financial endeavor is on the next floor down at Obsidian North? People are encouraged to let go of reality and live in the virtual world her company has created. Lena uses the money earned from the sale of the magazine to fund her Non Nocere initiative. Her goal is to create a society of people that no longer wish to harm one another. These two college friends are on different paths. One wants to entice people into a fake manufactured world. The other wants to make the real world a better place.

One of the best things about season five is the end of Lena being on the outside of our super friends group. We spent far too long in previous seasons wondering when she would learn the truth. We all said being the genius she is Lena probably knew for a long time. Regardless it was important for Kara to say it out loud to someone she calls her closest friend. Nia and Brainy were a joy this season and my hope is that they can come back together again. I hope Dreamer has not come too late and she is able to save Brainy whose life was in grave danger.

Brainy bottled the gods of Leviathan at great personal cost. Then Lex took the bottle. Who knows what he will choose to do with it. Lillian has returned to National City to work with her son. One never knows what devious plans they might orchestrate. We never met the Ancient One whose power seemed to be something that should be revered. Lex was given a second chance at life but I fear he thinks he can outsmart a god. He is just a fool who is biting off more then he can chew. The true Paragon of this story is Kara Zor El. She lost one world and will not lose another. Her hope inspires us all to be super in our own ways. Re-engage with reality and join with Lena to make the real world a better place. Supergirl with her sister and her team by her side will survive whatever chaos ridden nightmare might come next. She will succeed she is our Maid of Steel.