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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Apr 1, 2021

Lex Luthor is wielding the power of three ancient gods of Leviathan. Gememnea escaped the bottle because she is pure technology. She could not be defeated in the same way. Dreamer has made it to Brainy’s location to find him on the brink of death. Alex arrives and administers a treatment for the radiation poisoning. The treatment allows Brainy’s head to clear enough to tell the team about the anti-life equation. It has the power to defeat pure technology which is what Gememnea is. Each member of the team has their strengths and together they must fight to save this world.

Lex has changed Lena’s do no harm program to the I love Lexi upgrade. Half of the population will adore him regardless of his actions and the others that were not logged in during the unity festival will die. This would include his sister but she killed him first so he considers that fair. Supergirl wants to save the world even if it means sacrificing her life. She agrees to surrender in exchange for the codes to disable the satellites that Lex launched into space. Dreamer sees a possible scenario where Lex is ending worlds Anti-Monitor style.

If these satellites are not disabled simultaneously they are each equipped to fire missiles at Earth. M’gann suggests a Martian binding ritual so what they do to one satellite will affect all of them. Supergirl heads to the fortress to face Lex. Also stored in the kryptonian stronghold is an artifact from the Leviathan home planet. The only substance capable of stripping Lex of his immortality.

After an epic battle Lex thinks he has won. He has overloaded Kara’s body with kryptonite, however Lena has developed a new addition to the super suit to provide extra protection to our Maid of Steel. Kara Zor El does not work alone and just as Lillian Luthor predicted our super friends have found the only element that can restore her son’s mortality.

In the face of victory there is also defeat. Lex Luthor is a mortal man once again but the cost was high. Kara is once again trapped in The Phantom Zone. Her coordinates in that vast dark place are unknown. One thing we know for sure, Supergirl‘s friends and her beloved sister will never give up on her. Alex has been given a new title by J’onn. She will serve the tower as the Sentinel. All together the team will keep the world safe in our Maid of Steel’s absence. Please join Silver Vox and me your eye in the sky as we launch into season six of Supergirl. Have a super week!