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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

Kara is trapped in a place where phantoms roam free and you are forced to relive the most disturbing moments of your life.  In this realm time does not move. If you try to resist the phantoms they will drive you insane.  In this place of endless fear and despair, Kara finds an unexpected ally. Her father sent himself to the Phantom Zone to escape the destruction of Krypton and has been evading the phantoms ever since. 

Lex Luthor is on trial for crimes against humanity. He tried to take free will from half the world and kill the rest.   Andrea sends Nia and William to cover the trial. Nia is late for work because she was fighting a vampire!  No, there are not really vampires in National City but there is a blood drinking alien from the planet Transylvania.   His name is Silas and he has gotten in and back out of the Phantom Zone so perhaps he can help our team save Kara. 

When Silas successfully opens a portal Brainy is distressed to find that Crisis has left the landscape fractured. The once solid landscape is now an archipelago of pocket dimensions,  how will they find their Maid of Steel in there. Meanwhile Kara tries to inspire her father and devise a plan of escape. 

Speaking of escape, Lex is avoiding jail time by pinning his crimes on a few good women. A phantom has entered our dimension through the portal Silas created. Our super friends try to outrun despair as their first plan to save Supergirl fails. We will not lose hope in our paragon. This was only the first battle in a war we will win. We are Maid of Steel.