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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Apr 23, 2021

The number of citizens infected by the phantoms continues to rise.  Brainy keeps constructing more containment pods. If a new plan is not formed soon, Supergirl will come home to a phantom zone on Earth!  With each life force gained, Phantom Prime becomes more powerful. If the team cannot find the chrysalis before it solidifies, the infected will be lost souls forever!

Meanwhile in the phantom zone Nyxly uses her magic to portal to the pocket where Kara believes the exit from this dimension is. Allura would never leave her guards stranded. They are quickly disappointed as they find the portal mirror broken. Kara refuses to lose hope despite her father’s skepticism. 

Back on Earth, Alex refuses to believe that she will not succeed in both missions in front of her. She must save the city and her sister.  She soon comes to realize that an impossible choice needs to be made. What would Kara do in this moment?   Alex has no doubt that her sister would save the world before herself every single time. Alex must soldier on and make the hard choices so she does not lose both battles. 

Nia is frustrated with her powers. Why does she keep dreaming of Kara and Alex in high school?  How can that possibly be significant on the current mission?  It is splitting her focus and making it hard for her to find Phantom Prime’s lair.  M’gann only received a part of her soul from J’onn, leaving the rest of her soul trapped in the chrysalis with the others. This gives her the power to sense phantoms and therefore help Dreamer with the mission. 

Lena is really enthusiastic about working with the team at the tower.  She develops a device to capture phantoms hands free, keeping you safe from a scratch that will steal your soul. She also has a way to locate Kara in the fractured phantom zone.   If only they could find something containing her genetic code.  Time is running out and the chrysalis is about to become impenetrable.  Alex will have to make a hard choice. She takes the device from Lena and changes its function. Now she can use it to pierce the chrysalis and free all the souls inside. 

Back in the phantom zone Nyxly is not quite what she seems.  Supergirl thought she found an ally in a world full of foes but she was wrong. Nyxly wanted Supergirl to activate the portal out of this dark place. When Supergirl realizes Nyxly’s  nefarious intentions she smashes the mirror. This possibly sentences herself and her father to an eternity of darkness. She did what she had to do. She would not let an imp set on vengeance loose on the Earth. Kara will find another way and will never lose hope because she is our Maid of Steel.