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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Apr 30, 2021

The mission this week is to collect some of Kara’s DNA to help locate her in the fractured phantom zone and bring her home. Sure it would be easier to head over to her apartment and grab a hair brush but this will be far more fun. Brainy and Nia head to prom night 2009 in Midvale. There, according to Alex, Kara saved the Earth from a meteor impact. The rock was composed partly of kryptonite causing Kara to bleed on the baseball field.  The well calculated plan that Brainy devised goes sideways when a piece of the legion ship breaks. The result is Brainy and Nia crash a day early right in front of the people they hoped to avoid. 

Kara is immediately on board to help these stranded aliens as Alex remains skeptical. Brainy and Nia are spit up. Nia will stay with the girls and Brainy will stay with Kara’s boyfriend Kenny.  I know what you are thinking. Kenny died when Alex was in high school. However in the post crisis world Kenny is alive and helping Kara save the citizens and pets of Midvale.  Their activities cause the town to make headlines. 

It is those headlines that drive young C. J. Grant into town to uncover the story. What or who is making Midvale so lucky?  She is determined to get the story and return to Metropolis with a scoop that will overshadow Lois Lane.  

An overeager reporter is not the only thing our team must overcome. They are also fighting stress, doubt and antiquated technology. There is also another alien by the name of Naxim Torkis  in town.  He is looking to add to his cosmic collection and the Man of Steel proved too hard to catch.  Will he capture Kara while she is young and inexperienced causing irreparable damage to the timeline? Will he get a Naltorean and Caluan as a bonus? With Brainy and Nia’s  plan off course could their actions have consequences for the present? Will the simple fact of Kenny being alive alter Kara’s course and therefore her journey to become a Superhero?  Green Butterfly and Silver Vox want all your thoughts and theories as we wait together for the exciting conclusion of what happened on Prom Night!  Have a super week!