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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

May 7, 2021

CJ Grant is determined to get the story. She will do whatever it takes to show Perry White that she is destined for more than the tabloid stories he sends her to cover. She will find her own story. One that will make her more famous than Lois Lane. However her hubris may change her destiny forever.

Brainy and Nia  must follow Kara to prom. They have to be there on site for the meteor shower.  Kara’s encounter with that space rock will provide our super friends with the blood sample they need. Using The genetic code found there, they can hopefully find present day Supergirl in the phantom zone and bring her home.  

They are however temporarily unable to fulfill their main mission. Nia continues to dream of a pink cougar and continues to have trouble interpreting what it means.  CJ Grant unknowingly releases Naxim Tork, who turns around and locks her up. Nia realizes the pink cat represents Cat Grant and they must save her before she changes her fate.  

Kara is one strong girl already.  She is truthful with Kenny about what is in her heart.  Cat Grant will make Kara stronger. Cat Grant will teach Kara how to stand up for herself.   Cat Grant stands up to Perry White and goes on to start Catco Media. We have had many awesome episodes demonstrating the positive things Cat Grant has brought to Kara Danvers’ life.  Our super friends are amazing and able to do it all.   Now time to leave 2009 and head back to the present to save our Maid of Steel!