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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

May 14, 2021

Kara is still stuck in the Phantom Zone. When a phantom attacks Supergirl is overwhelmed with fear. She fears if her team attempts to save her they will all die, and it would be all her fault!  It has taken Brainy and Nia three days to return from Midvale with the DNA they need to pinpoint Supergirl in the fractured Phantom Zone. However, the rest of the team has not been idle. 

J’onn has modified the top few levels of his tower to become a ship. A vessel that has special shields for interdimensional travel and a containment unit for Prime Phantom.  Lena has harnessed the power of the yellow sun into a bomb. This creation has the power to repel the phantoms and recharge Supergirl’s powers simultaneously.  All is going smoothly until a breach in the containment cell allows some of Prime Phantom to affect the team. Now what stands between them and saving Supergirl is their own fear. 

In Alex's mind her greatest fear is being the one person who causes the mission to fail by being reckless. Lena must face the guilt she feels surrounding her mothers death. Also the thought of losing all her friends after finally being made part of the team. Nia must stop doubting herself. She is still learning and has really stepped up in Supergirl's absence. Nia must build her confidence in her dream interpretation and give herself a little grace as she continues her hero's journey.   Kelly fears she is the weak link on this team because she has no superpower.   She undervalues the importance that she has. She can help the team cope with the mental and emotional side of being a superhero. Without her they may have not been able to find their individual touchstones that brought them out of their fear visions. Yes Kelly is human but so is Alex who was saving people from danger long before she got a shape shifting Martian weapon. Kelly doesn’t need a shield to make a meaningful contribution to this team. 

J’onn can resist the Prime Phantom fear visions due to his martian biology and connection to his brother Malefic.  Due to his mind reading abilities he must suffer the fears of his whole team when he fights the Phantom. He is able to subdue the foe and return it to containment. This allows our superfriends to amerge from their individual nightmares. Brainy is afraid of balloons but we don’t have time to unpack that. It is time to save Kara. 

Now that Kara’s location has been pinpointed by her DNA. The team deploys the sunlight bomb to repel phantoms and reenergize Kara. Supergirl speeds onto the ship and into Alex’s embrace. All appears well as they launch through a portal back to Earth. Unfortunately things are not as sunny as they seem. Instead of Kara’s father we see the true face of the person that has been encouraging Kara all episode long. She is in fact Nyxly, the fifth dimensional imp and she wants to get home. If she causes some mayhem in National City along the way that is just more fun for her. We have to wait until August 24th for the next chapter of this super adventure.  Thank you so much for all the fun feedback you have provided so far this season. Stay tuned for special episodes during hiatus and have a super start to your summer!