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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Jun 25, 2021

Nia Nal was born and raised in Parthas. On Parthas humans and aliens live together in peace. She had a happy childhood and loved her hometown but always envisioned herself doing more. She attended college in Washington DC where she wrote speeches for Cat Grant.  Nia was going to change people’s minds with her words. Ms. Grant sent her to Catco to be mentored by Kara.

Nia came to National City at a turbulent time. The Children of Liberty were trying to get aliens out of their town.  She is no stranger to the difficulties of being different. She was assigned male at birth but knew with her whole heart and soul that she was meant to be a girl. The universe thought so too. She was bestowed the power to see the future through her dreams.  A gift given only to one daughter per generation on Naltor, the planet her mother is from.

Nia tragically loses her mother to a spider bite after failing to read the warning signs in her dreams. She has a lot of frustration around losing her mother before learning to harness the full potential of her powers. She is still in the beginning of learning all the abilities bestowed on a Dreamer. Hopefully soon we will see her reach out to her sister. Maeve studied her whole life to become the next Dreamer. Perhaps teaching Nia will help repair the rift in their relationship.

This is such a super journey we are on with Nia Nal. Every few episodes we can watch her powers grow and evolve as she becomes more skilled. I have loved watching Kara mentor her and Brainy calm her doubts.  When Supergirl leaves us at the end of the season, I hope Dreamer can continue on another show in our universe.  I don’t want her story to end after only 2 years of making this world a better, more tolerant place. She is a great Superhero and an asset to any team.  Making the world better with both words and deeds.  She is the transgendered Superhero this community has been dreaming of.