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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Jul 23, 2021

She is neither human nor Kryptonian but her powers rival those of Supergirl. She was made by witches on Krypton to dispense justice to the galaxy. On the day of their planet's demise they sent her to Earth, not wanting to lose the results of their work. She was raised on Earth, as a human with no sign of special abilities. She was named Sam Arias and had a successful life.

A human life that blessed her with a daughter named Ruby. This is something her creators did not expect. When Sam starts hearing voices in her head and having nightmares, she knows something is wrong. What she doesn’t know is she is fulfilling the destiny that the witches made for her. She will rise. She will reign. Made to be a world killer, Reign now has her sights set on Earth.

However, this is a woman composed of two minds Sam and Reign. I think some will underestimate how strong Sam can be. When Reign defeats Supergirl in an epic battle the tears well up in GreenButterfly’s eyes. If Supergirl cannot defeat Reign, who can? Our Maid of Steel vanquished the world killer in the end but it was Ruby that saved Sam. I know Lena's scientific work played a significant role in her recovery. I wholeheartedly believe Sam's love for her daughter is what prevented Reign from taking total control of her mind and body.

Join Green Butterfly and Silver Vox as we revisit one of the most compelling characters of this series. Someone we would love to see back in season six. Based on her origins Sam should still have powers despite Lena’s treatment. Reign did not emerge until Sam was an adult. What does that mean for Ruby as she grows up? In the Comics it is Zor El that made the World Killers. Is that why he really ended up in the Phantom Zone? Did the world killer project lead to the destruction of Krypton? Green Butterfly and Silver Vox are looking forward to a great discussion with all of our super friends.  We are Stronger Together!  We are Maid of Steel!