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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Aug 13, 2021

When Lena Luthor first moved to National City she lived in a hotel. She was not sure if this is where she would make a permanent home. She bought Catco. Why would she ever want to be the next Cat Grant when she has the legacy and wealth of the Luthor family to build upon? Lena chooses to be different. Her choice is to use her vast intelligence and influence to do good for the city and the world. She wants her science and technology to ease suffering and do no harm. The writers have chosen plots for Lena that have caused her to walk the line between darkness and light. When she is hurt by her friends she has definitely flirted with plans of vengeance. The community here at Maid of Steel shouted in unison “Lena is Good!” I think Lex said it best when he said he was born of a poisonous union, but Lena was born of love. She only had her birth mother in her life for a short time, but her kind spirit and generosity live on in Lena.  It is her heart that makes her inherently different from Lex, Lillian, and Lionel. When Superman betrayed Lex they became mortal enemies. I am thankful that our series has explored forgiveness between Supergirl and Lena.

I know that the show perpetuated the secret of Supergirl's identity between Kara and Lena way too long. It is not believable that a woman as intelligent as Lena would not figure out that Kara is Supergirl on her own. I still choose to believe she knew in the back of her mind but chose not to reveal it because she did not want to face the idea of being lied to. We have complained that Lena is often isolated from the group. I still think this version of Lena is better than the one portrayed on Smallville. Our series presents a more well-developed character that we got to spend more screen time with. Lena Luthor was brought to life by the amazing Katie McGrath. I am glad the chapter of secrets is over and we can head into our final episodes with Lena in Supergirl's inner circle where she always should have been. Please join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we discuss the loveliest Luthor of them all.  We can’t wait to hear what our Superfriends have to say. Here on Golden Spiral Media you are the most important part of the show!  This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly, have a super week!