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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Aug 27, 2021

Kara has returned from the Phantom Zone.  It is a place where despair reigns supreme and time doesn’t advance.  Lena designed a yellow sun bomb to reinvigorate her best friend and break her out of that dark, hopeless place. Supergirl is home but the Phantom Zone still haunts her. Alex will not leave her side.  They are stronger together.  As an unstoppable force they will take on whatever National City has to face next.

Andrea is irritated that Kara did not come back to work with a big story.  Catco is falling behind the other news outlets and Ms. Rojas is desperate to get back on top. As Acrata she uses her shadow power to get a lead on Supergirl. If she can report on not only the Maid of Steel but her team as well that could put Catco back in the top spot. The Superfriends would be a great cover story. Kara has always been able to talk to Supergirl so Andrea puts her on the case. When Kara reads about the phantoms her team had to deal with in her absence her blood runs cold.

Uncle Archie aka Zor-El is adjusting to life under a yellow sun. He is interested in learning what his daughter has been doing here on Earth. He flies with her to put out a garbage fire before it can become an ecological disaster. Zor-El is concerned because death of the oceans is what spelled doom for Krypton. Kara shows her father the fortress. That is where he develops an idea to modify Kalex to dispose of trash in a nontoxic way. The plan seems successful at first.  Then the power core in the droid malfunctions causing the trash to not disappear but pile onto itself. This causes a giant being made of rubbish to form and threaten the city.

The team must work together using their various strengths to vanquish “Bad Trash”.  Zor-El decides it is time to head to Argo City to face Allura. Lena wants to go home and explore her roots on her mother’s side.  Kara and Alex return to the couch for some dinner and some wine. Alex reiterates to Kara that she will be with her every step of the way as she deals with the trauma caused by the Phantom Zone. Stronger together! Always and forever! This is the strength they will draw on as Nia is awakened by a dream of Nyxly. A maiden sure to cause some mischief as our story continues…