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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Sep 3, 2021

Supergirl and J’onn are investigating a robbery in National City. The crime is being perpetrated by a group of aliens that would not normally work together. The items they are stealing are fairly benign separately, but together could build a bomb that would level a skyscraper.  This is a story that Kara could use to put Catco on top right? Andrea doesn’t think so.  She wants articles about what the Superfriends do for fun.  That will give her the bump in ratings she craves.

Kelly is on her first assignment for social services. She heads to a group home where a young boy named Joey with EMP powers is acting out. When Kelly speaks to him, she discovers he is stressed that his incarcerated brother Orlando is overusing his powers. This could lead to irreversible harm or even death if it were to continue. Kelly enlists the help of Kara to go speak to the warden of the prison where Orlando is being held, to inquire about his well-being.

Meanwhile Nia is sent home from work for falling asleep in a staff meeting. She is still plagued with doubts regarding her powers. She is desperate to speak to her late mother to ask for her wisdom and guidance.  What price will she pay to get the advice and reassurance she craves?  When Nyxly invades Nia’s dreamscape Green Butterfly begins to worry the price will be very, very high.

Soon it becomes clear Orlando is part of the group of aliens Supergirl and J’onn have been looking for.  All five are being removed from their work assignment and diverted to another job.   Turns out these inmates had been told if they complete this side job then they will be set free. This appeals to Orlando because then he can return to caring for his brother Joey.

Kelly is worried about the conditions she sees in the foster home. She returns under cover of darkness to retrieve security camera footage of the children being harmed by their caregiver.   Kara and William have a breakthrough in their story. They were able to follow the money to a mob boss that wanted the assortment of stolen items to build a bomb.  In the end the bad guys were stopped, and William was able to get an exclusive interview with Supergirl to appease Andrea.

As Nia takes another nap, I am disturbed to find Nia falling victim to Nyxly’s manipulations. The imp offers her 24 hours with her late mother in exchange for Nia’s help escaping this dreamscape.  The wise owl tries to warn our Dreamer about the possible treachery. However, as we end the episode Nia is accepting Nyxly’s bargain. Green Butterfly is filled with dread over the consequences that will need to be paid.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Supergirl’s latest adventure. Until then, have a super week!