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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Sep 10, 2021

When Supergirl speaks people listen but Kara wants to use this power for more than getting people to eat broccoli. Sure Andrea is thrilled she has a  Superfriends video on Catco’s website. Brainy feels he is doing a public service after struggling with binge eating earlier this season. However, as our Maid of Steel thinks it over she realizes she could use her voice to amplify the words of the unheard and ignored. She could shed light on the unseen victims that so called improvement sometimes brings.  Here in National City a housing development set aside for low-income families is now set to become the headquarters for a large corporation. This is great for bringing jobs to the area but what about the people that were counting on low rent and a safe place to live?  What about Orlando and Joey Davis?

Nyxly is now free of the dream realm. What does that mean for Earth?  The mischievous imp kept her end of the bargain too.  Nia gets 24 hours to learn from her mother.  Isabel stresses to her daughter that she must never run from her dreams. She must stay and interpret what they are trying to tell her. Nothing in the dream realm is meaningless. Her mother also reminds Nia that even after the time expires on this day that she should keep her eyes open for wisdom Isabel will share in her dreams.  Nia also has her sister Maeve. Yes, her sister was devastated when the dream powers were not bestowed on her. Maeve expressed her anger by uttering words that hurt Nia very deeply.  Maybe all is not lost. Perhaps forgiveness could be found. Then Nia could benefit from the years of research and knowledge her sister has compiled. Then they could both rise as heroes to honor all the dreamers that came before them and inspire the ones that will come after.

Mitch has had a hard time on Earth since Naxim left. When he captures Nyxly he feels like he has what he needs to restart the cosmic managerie. This imp is not one to give up easily. She does what she knows best and makes a deal. Why would Mitch want a powerless Imp when she has the tools to capture the Maid of Steel? The very Kryptonian that slipped through his fingers years ago. The plan is to kidnap an alien scientist that can make a cryo-nuclear bomb that can trap Supergirl in ice. Luckily Kara’s heat vision is able to neutralize that threat, but the battle is yet to be won. On her way home Supergirl is cornered by Nyxly. Supergirl inadvertently recharged the Imp’s power with her heat vision. It is time to fight magic with magic. Kara must call in some backup from the fifth dimension as Mr. Mxyzptlk arrives.  Whose side will he take in this battle?  We have to wait until next week to find out. Until next time this is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly wishing you a super week!