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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 1, 2021

Supergirl and her team are in a race against Nyxly. They must find seven totems to reassemble the All Stone. The person wielding this magical item has ultimate power. Lena has returned from Newfoundland and is eager to get back to work. After a quick synopsis from Brainy, Lena and Supergirl head to the fortress. It is there that they find the living memory of Vita, a Kryptonian witch. She shares all the facts she knows about the totems along with a dire warning. Many of her coven have gone on quests for the totems and suffered serious consequences while on the journey.

A key fact that is uncovered is that the totems have attached themselves to objects that embody the power they represent. The first totem Kara must find is the one representing courage. Consequently, a slingshot that David used to beat Goliath has just arrived at a museum in National City.  Finding and possessing the slingshot is not enough. The bearer must prove their worth by running the gauntlet and showing true courage.

Nyxly and the Superfriends arrive at the museum simultaneously. In the struggle the totem is split showering those in the vicinity with fifth dimensional magic.  This deluge of power comes with a feeling of undiluted courage. Not a bad thing for superheroes, right?  Not necessarily because a balance of courage and fear can help keep you safe. For example, rushing towards a fire breathing dragon may not be the best decision. Letting emotions cloud your judgment could cost you precious time in a situation where quick thinking could make all the difference. On the flip side, making a guess without calculating all the variables could be equally dangerous.  The people responsible for breaking the totem must face the gauntlet alone if they are to gain the power. Harnessing the power will stop the surge of irrational behavior that is plaguing National City.

Kara is taken back to the night where she revealed herself as Supergirl. She did this to save the person she loves the most on this planet, Alex. Nyxly goes back to the day she attempted to overthrow her father, the mad king of the fifth dimension.   She thought her brother was on her side but at the last moment he betrayed her. That betrayal sealed her fate of banishment to the Phantom Zone.

Nyxly was victorious at her challenge while Kara was not. Supergirl sacrificed her chance to repeat her gauntlet to save her city from the violence its residents are experiencing. Nyxly has won this round and has the control of the totem of courage. However, our Paragon will not lose hope.  Perhaps Dreamer will awaken with a lead on the next totem.  We will have to tune in next week to find out. Until then this is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly wishing you a super week!