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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 7, 2021

The quest for the totems continues. Nyxly tracks the Humanity Totem to the pocket of a martial arts fighter in town for a match. The imp easily steals the item and wonders why there was no gauntlet to pass to wield its powers. The citizens in the vicinity of the arena erupt into violence with their humanity stripped from them. The Superfriends game night is abruptly interrupted by Nyxly’s glee at an easy victory. Kara’s psychic connection to the imp continues to be an asset.

William has used his friendship with Kara to win himself entrance into the Tower. He is going to write stories about the Superfriends. This should make Andrea very happy. J’onn must lay some ground rules to make sure that missions and secret identities are not compromised.

Lena continues to work on her magic. I love that she continues to look at this new skill in a logical way. This honors her long standing character trait of the scientist that we know and love. Nia says that the way Lena speaks of magic reminds her of dream interpretation and offers to help. I really like the deepening friendship that is forming between these two characters.

Nothing in life is free and Nyxly learns there is a price to pay for activating the Humanity Totem. All the goodness and compassion that left the people of National City is now flooding Nyxly’s system.  It is all these emotions that stop her from capturing the next totem of Hope.

Green Butterfly’s favorite part of the episode was getting to check back in on Esme. The cute and charming alien girl with a heart for justice. At first glance when Kelly arrives it looks like Esme has found some happiness.   However, when her foster parents are faced with a heartless hoard, they leave the little girl outside the door. They beg her to use her fire breathing power to defend them.  This is a power Esme has but has not learned how to utilize and control. She is left alone scared facing the angry mob. Kelly and Alex rush to rescue her. Will Kelly and Alex give Esme a forever home?  This butterfly sure hopes so.   Who better to raise and protect this little alien girl than the woman who shared a bedroom with one for years?  Seems like the right choice to me.

Nyxly relinquished the Humanity Totem. All that compassion is getting in the way of her ultimate goal of taking over the world.   Now she has her sights set back on the Netherlands and the totem of Hope.  Supergirl and her team are focusing on the totem of Dreams. Who will win this race?  I think it is still too early to say. We will have to tune in next week and find out. Until then this is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly wishing you a Super Week!