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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 16, 2021

Supergirl and Nyxly have one totem each.  Nia has gone to Parthas in search of the Dream totem so Kara heads to the Netherlands to try and stop the Imp from getting her hands on the Hope totem. Nyxly fails the Hope gauntlet but still manages to create chaos at peace talks taking place within The Hague.

Meanwhile Alex and Kelly welcome Esme into their home. We learn that the little girl is a species of alien that can mimic the powers of others. It must be really overwhelming to acclimate to one superpower let alone adjust to a countless number of them depending on what type of alien is around at that time. 

I am really glad this episode illustrated some struggles with this brand-new family. It makes the story richer to show Kelly, Alex, and Esme working through struggles versus showing a perfect family right off the bat.  I also like the comparisons made to Kara’s adoption which I think makes Alex uniquely qualified to care for this little girl.

Mitch fashions a device for the Courage totem that restores a portion of Nyxly’s power. She strips the diplomats at the summit of their courage which results in a widespread distrust among the world leaders. Nyxly is about to cause a nuclear catastrophe on Earth and the Superfriends must fly in to save the day. Nyxly must come up with a new plan to obtain the totem. Nyxly feels that she cannot beat Supergirl in the gauntlet for hope. She will let Kara win the totem and then use blackmail to get it from her.  This leads the Imp princess to kidnap William.

The quest for the totems feels like a truly epic battle. Something that is not easily won in 42 minutes of TV. The quest challenges each one of our characters. Their struggles draw me in. The way they help each other honors Supergirl’s theme of “stronger together”. Ultimately the team decides that one of the totems must be destroyed so that the All Stone can never be reassembled.  Supergirl hurls the Hope totem into the sun.  Kara is confident that hope can be restored to the world without this small physical representation.  This made me wonder if the totem would integrate into our sun and perhaps cause it to shine down some extra hope on all of humanity. That would be the type of legacy I would love to see for this series. Supergirl made the world just a little more hopeful than before she arrived.