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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Nov 5, 2021

The truth is when a fifth dimensional imp has her sights set on your home there will be consequences. In the race to beat Nyxly to seven magical totems there is not much time to relax and unwind. Lena encouraged the group to celebrate Alex and Kelly’s engagement with a bachelorette party.  The ramifications of the heroes taking the night off turns out to be devastating!

Nyxly and Lex find and take control of the Truth totem. It has taken the form of a camera because a picture cannot lie. In the gauntlet to control this magical item Nyxly must become very vulnerable and tell the truth.

Esme had an incident at school when another student made fun of her dessert in a baking competition.  She still doesn’t have complete control of her powers, but this is understandable for a young alien like herself. Alex takes her to the tower to run tests to hopefully understand how to help her daughter.  When Kara suggests something to help control her powers, like the glasses Jeremiah gave her as a child, the sisters have an argument.  Alex does not want Esme to have to suppress any parts of herself. She wants her to live happily and true to all aspects of herself. Kelly and Alex are both relieved when the symptoms their daughter has, including a mysterious rose tattoo, can be explained by Esme mimicking the powers of a new student in her class. The Superfriends head to the party. William and Esme head to the tower kitchen to bake something delicious.

When a monitor alerts William that the Tower security has been breached, he tells Esme to hide. Lena should have checked the Tower’s defenses before leaving for the night. She should have been able to anticipate her brother’s next move. She talked about Lex. I know it crossed her mind, but the Arrowverse has a long history with problematic security setups. This break-in at the tower has catastrophic results.

Back at the party Brainy is struggling with news he received from the Legion earlier in the day.   Apparently if Querl Dox does not return to the 31st century to merge with the Big Brain the Coluan race will die. This is devastating news for our favorite 12th level intellect. He has had the opportunity in this time to be free of his emotion inhibitors. He has been able to develop his own sense of self. This is very different from the communal society he was born into. He has a family here that is connected not by blood but by love. Brainy is in love with Nia and can’t imagine life without her. Another brainiac reminds him that the timeline will be irrevocably changed if he does not return to his own time. However, couldn’t the same also be said for how much the timeline has been altered due to his presence in this century thus far?  Timeline hypotheticals make Green Butterfly’s head hurt.

Meanwhile, back at the tower, Lex Luthor has William at gunpoint. Lex is angry with William for publicizing his journals. Something he didn’t even do. Andrea stole the private documents and published them under William’s name.  His blood will be on her hands now because Lex shot and killed William for this crime. In another room Nyxly lures Esme out of hiding with promises of cookies. The imp only wants the love totem. What will she do to the little girl whose body now contains it?  Join us next week as our super series reaches an epic conclusion!