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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Nov 19, 2021

The battle has been won.  Esme is safe at home. Alex is a married woman. Kara is committed to being true to both sides of herself. We now live in a National City where the citizens know that Kara Danvers is Supergirl.  She will use words to save the day and fists only when absolutely necessary. She will always be our Paragon of Hope!  What will happen now as our adventure continues?  Look throughout the Universe for all our Superfriends.  I am confident they will pop up to lend a hand as problems arise starting with Sentinel in the five-part Flash Armageddon Event.  

However, before we dive into whatever drama is brewing elsewhere in the Universe we need to hear from you.  You know how Green Butterfly and Silver Vox feel about the Supergirl finale but what about you?  Here at Maid of Steel you are the star of the show. You are the most important part of the story. There was a lot of anger, sadness and trepidation leading into this pair of episodes. Now that they have aired, did the story within them bring you any closure?  My hope is that you found some joy in the characters we have all loved so much. Now it is time for my favorite part, an episode dedicated entirely to you, our listeners.  Television shows will come and go but Super Friends are forever!