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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

They say seeing is believing. Sometimes what you see is deceiving. Malefic is hiding in the City. He could be anywhere. He could be anyone. James is driving Kelly out of town. Will putting distance between them be enough to keep Kelly safe from the malicious Martian? What other secrets are hiding in plain sight?

The rest of the team is Downtown trying to deceive Malefic wearing different faces. Those image inducers are no match for this crafty Martian. Surely the transmatter portal that Brainy brought will banish Malefic back to the Phantom Zone. How was he able to phase right through it? It was calibrated by a twelfth level intellect!

Brainy is distracted. In the days since the break up with Nia he has been analyzing what went wrong. Tiny boxes didn’t make for a good boyfriend and neither did one hundred percent poetic partner. Alex calls Lena to help brainy with calibrations on the portal. Not only does she help with the technology but Lena comes bearing relationship insight as well. She explains it to him in a language he understands. The language of Science. Brainy is in a loop if he doesn’t change a variable he will not escape it. She reminds him it is ok to ask for help. Lena suggests Brainy and Nia work on their relationship as a team. Lena is pretending to be a team player right now. The Super Friends are trying to capture Malefic so she will play nice for now. She believes Malefic is the missing piece to achieve her goal of mind control with the use of Q waves.

Nia uses her dream projection to try to get more information on William. Something about him doesn’t seem quite right. Based on Nia’s information Supergirl tracks down a lead named Elena Torres. She is too late. Someone has killed her. Who has a reason to murder an Obsidian Worldwide accountant? Kara was able to confirm one thing. William is in Mexico City, but why?

Back in National City the Martian Safety Protocol has failed. The Martian that can manipulate minds simply took control of a DEO agent. Now he has taken over the mind of Director Danvers. When Alex confronts J’onn about his secret you really see how ashamed he is about deceiving his Earth daughters.

Kelly is far away from Malefic but she is still connected to him. She sees what he is doing and she knows Alex is in trouble. Kelly and James return to National City to join the fight.
At the Planetarium it is time for a showdown of cosmic proportions. Alex is still under the control of Malefic and tries to shoot J’onn. He will never let Malefic have her. He will restore her mind even if it kills him. J’onn succeeds but the battle is not over. Malefic planned an explosive finale.

Time is running out on the bomb strapped to Alex. J’onn phases through her to get the vest and Kara swoops in with her cape to absorb the explosion. The repaired portal sends Malefic back to the Phantom Zone or does it?

Remember sometimes seeing is deceiving. Many secrets hide in plain sight. We didn’t know what to think about William and now we know he is not a bad guy. He was just trying to protect Ms. Torres and Kara. Lena is so good at playing nice that nobody has their eyes on her. What will her next move be? Will Kelly be able to see what Lena is doing through Malefic’s eyes now that he is in her custody?

We know Jimmy’s next move, back to his Hometown. Andrea said he couldn’t be a reporter. She said nothing about publishing a paper. Someone has to tell the truth. He wants to stand up for what is right and he doesn’t need a shield to do it. There is more than one way to be a hero. This your eye in the sky, Green Butterfly. Please look out for clues and join us next week for another super adventure.