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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Dec 10, 2015

How often it feels like the one day we are without something is the day we need it the most? Not long ago, the battery in my car died... So I worked from home while my wonderful dad went out and got me a new battery and replaced it! My point is, the one day my car doesn’t start is also the day several people who do not have cars ask me if I’m available to give them a lift. It’s the subtle ironies in life that keep it interesting, right? And the one day that Kara says, “The world can go without Supergirl for one day….” is the day the world ends up needing her the most.

In this installment of the Maid of Steel podcast, Karen and I discuss season 1 episode 7, “Human for a Day.” The episode originally aired on December 7, 2015. A guest star of note was the man under the hood of Jemm, Charles Halford, whom Constantine fans, like Karen, will recognize as Chas Chandler! We really enjoyed the use of this obscure D.C. Comics character, and hope you did too! Read more...

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