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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Someone wants Dreamer to take off her cape. He says we don’t need a Superhero like her. He is targeting members of the transgendered community to get her attention. Across town at Obsidian North Kelly detects a problem with the technology. This new virtual reality is so immersive it connects to your biometrics. If you get too stressed a red button appears that should eject you from the scenario. When it fails Kelly must pull the patrons out with adrenaline. She must report this bug to Andrea.

Yvette is not going to let Nia spend another Friday night on the couch. She invites her to come along to a club where she is meeting her new boyfriend. She met him through Upswipz, the hottest dating app in National City. Unfortunately for Yvette this date is a sham. He is just using her to get to Dreamer. Nia is understandably enraged and has very little patience with the Police sluggish response to the situation. This is Dreamers community, therefore this is personal.

Alex is still struggling with her new Martian weapon J’onn reminds her to be patient. The weapon needs time to bond. Training is put on hold when they get a new case to investigate. Al’s brother Trevor has been missing for a week and the Police are writing it off as a virtual reality bender. J’onn goes to Al’s house to find an object to help him search with his psychic power. Alex is off to Obsidian to dive into the world of Virtual Las Vegas.

All is going well at first. Kelly is guiding Alex through the world that Obsidian has built. However, advanced users are allowed to add on to this place. These user created spaces take time to catalog and can have unexpected consequences. A user created a house that looks like it was constructed for a horror movie. Once Alex reaches a certain point in this house she loses touch with Kelly. She must go on alone.

This really is a house or horrors where Alex is forced to relive when a foe tries to drown her. She pleads with the users stuck in the water tanks to say the command that will end the simulation. They tell her they have tried with no success to end their torture. You see with this generation of Obsidian technology it gets integrated into your biometrics. Which means your body believes it is real even if it is not. After saving the men in the water tanks Alex heads to the next room. There she finds Trevor exploding over and over. She tries to calm him. He can control his experience if he focuses. J’onn has discovered the motive for why Trevor is being subjected to an endless loop of torture. An Obsidian Super User named Richard has discovered his wife has been having a virtual affair with Trevor.

Supergirl had the night off but her Superfriends have it covered. Alex saves Trevor and Dreamer makes sure that the man that hurt Yvette went to jail. Nia will not back down. She will stand up for those who are not seen. She will not allow prejudice to go unnoticed. I love how Kara supports her as all the emotions Nia has been experiencing spill over. This team is more like a family. They are going to need to use each of their strengths. Leviathan is up to something. Does Andrea know what’s going on or is she just the public face of Obsidian North? Will the news about Jeremiah make Alex want to escape reality for a while. We will have to tune in next week and find out. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Have a super week!