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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

The citizens of National City have found a new solution to dealing with pain and trauma. The answer to solving their problems is to lose themselves in the virtual world.  According to Obsidian North virtual reality is perfect for dealing with stress and working out your problems. Maybe even make your wildest dreams come true. What if you were to get lost? What if you couldn’t find the way out?  What if what started as virtual reality is reality to you now?

Alex is in pain from the loss of Jeremiah. She was so close to her father they could finish each other’s sentences. He depended on her for many things. She was expected to help her mother and look out for her little sister. Jeremiah often treated Alex like an equal. Often forgetting that she was just a child herself. Alex screams that she has lost him so many times she does not feel compelled to accompany Kara to Midvale to bury their father and comfort their mother.  She also pushes Kelly away. She is making it clear that she just wants to be left alone with a bottle of wine.

Since Kara has left for Midvale, William enlists Kelly to help in his investigation. He believes there is some nefarious motive for the Lex Luthor world tour.  Kelly is still wondering why her concerns with the faulty virtual reality fail safe button have not been addressed. Andrea says the service request is hung up in the board of directors and she will take care of it. William tracked down a warehouse address linked to an IP address. While William continues to investigate. Kelly goes to check on Alex. 

Alex has decided to escape from the real world for a while into the virtual world of her choice. What if she were Supergirl?  At first she is excited to expel some of her anger by punching stuff. However when a dragon attacks the City she realizes that some of Kara’s powers are not as easy to use as they look. When she discovers that Kara was taken by Hank Henshaw she springs into action. Helping her sister and the City is second nature to Alex both in this world and in reality.

Kelly finds Alex on the couch. The contact lenses have turned red. Something is wrong.  Alex is not responding to the shot of adrenaline. Time for the next step. Kelly must go in and pull her out.  Alex is so deeply involved in the event taking place in the virtual world that she refuses to believe that what she is experiencing is not real.  She always had to depend on herself so maybe another version of Alex can convince our Alex to return to the real world. 

When William makes it to the warehouse it appears empty. Sometimes what you see can be deceiving. When William finds an identification bracelet on the ground he knows he has to keep looking. There is more here than meets the eye. Young Alex is able to tell her older self exactly what she needed to hear. Even if Alex was Supergirl she still couldn’t have saved her father. She is not Kara and she doesn’t have Kryptonian powers but Alex Danvers is a hero. Every day she protects her City, helps her sister and mother and loves her girlfriend. That is the kind of woman she is.

Many questions still remain. Where is Lena?  What is Lex doing with these satellites? What about Gemma Cooper? Why is the failsafe not fixed?  Is it because they want to lock people in this dream world? Is this warehouse where Margo is watching over people lost to the real world?  Is she the only one? Alex talked to some people inside virtual reality that were losing their sense of self. Could there be more? Until next time National City. This is your eye in sky Green Butterfly. Stay safe, take care of each other and have a super week.