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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Jun 10, 2020

Season five is over, but the super summer of fun has just begun. It may be next summer before our high flying heroine takes to the sky again but we would never leave our super friends for that long. Supergirl has now filmed over 100 episodes and we want to know which ones are your favorites? We hope you join us for a trip down memory lane to highlight the shining moments of the last 5 years.

Another topic we plan to explore is a one true pairing for our leading lady. Does she need to be part of a power couple like Barry and Iris? Do you think we have met Kara’s true love or is he a character the writers have yet to invent?

We had a season of superwomen on Sundays now Batwoman is exiting her show. What does Ruby Rose’s exit mean for Batwoman? They have worked hard to build the Kara and Kate friendship. What will happen if Batwoman is no longer Kate?

Crisis made Earth Prime. I thought it would lead to cool interactions between all of our heroes. What if our show airs isolated in the summer making it hard for our stories to intertwine with others? So many questions and a whole year to talk about it with all of you.

We will kick off the summer season with a movie review of the Supergirl movie. You know the one where Helen Slater aka Eliza Danvers takes on the role of the Maid of Steel. While you wait for Wonder Woman 1984 to hit theaters in August 2020 check out Supergirl the movie made in 1984. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Let’s make this the kick off to one super summer.