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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Sep 16, 2020

Once again the world got together to explore the fantastic world of superheroes. This time the focus was the stories that will be coming to our televisions. I was very excited to celebrate with fans from all over the world who love these stories just like I do. The DC characters may have fantastical powers, but it is their personal stories that we see reflected in our own lives that keep us tuning in week after week. It was clear to me that DC wants to promote diversity and bring us some hope in these troubled times. The world needs heroes and DC Fandome was here to show us what is next for our favorites.

The new Superman and Lois show is set to show us a side of the Man of Steel we have never seen before. In this chapter of his life Clark is married to Lois and raising twin teenage sons. Prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths Clark had one son who was a baby last he saw him. I wonder if he knows these boys? Does he have any memories of their lives before this point?

Will Crisis on Infinite Earths have anything to do with the fact that Gotham needs a new hero because Kate Kane is gone? How will the characters returning to Batwoman’s second season interact? Kate was the glue in the story so I am interested to see the new structure as a new hero rises. Green Butterfly of course is also wondering how this will affect Batwoman and Supergirl collaborations. I really enjoyed the friendship Kate and Kara were building.

The Flash team is fractured with Iris still stuck in the mirror universe. I am very interested in Barry having to save the City using something other than speed. He is a scientist and it would be really cool so see him be a hero in another way. I am also excited we are going to have two strong women reporters on the CW schedule in 2021. Iris West Allen and Lois Lane changing the world with words.

A season of change is coming to the CW. Superman and Lois will have to balance family life and hero life. The Flash will have to live life out of the fast lane as he fights to get his wife back. If that is not enough super variety there is more. Our fearless Legendary Captain Lance has been abducted by aliens. The rest of the Legends will have to balance trying to find her while preserving the timeline. In Blue Valley Nebraska a new JSA will have to hone in their new super skills and come together as a team.

There are many super stories coming our way from the DC television universe in 2021. Please join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we discuss our favorite moments and yours from day two of DC Fandome.