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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Nov 4, 2020

Pizza and potstickers are just going to have to wait. Something has gone wrong on the first commercial space flight. The News Media is calling out for a hero. We might need two Kryptonians to prevent this galactic joy ride from becoming a tragedy. Both super cousins hear the call and fly swiftly to the scene. Soon we discover that the passenger that this calamity was planned for never took her seat.

Lena Luthor has come to a new city to start a new life. She wants to turn her family’s company into a force for good. She wants to transcend the negative feelings that people get when they hear the name Luthor. Thus it will become L Corp. It was a problem with the rebranding campaign that left her seat empty on this ill fated commercial space flight.

The Man and Maid of Steel are able to save the passengers that were in the space craft. Kara invites Clark to the DEO where the team is trying to figure out any information they can on the inhabitant of the Kryptonian pod. It becomes very clear that Superman and J’onn have a history. Clark is not pleased with the DEO director’s decision to keep kryptonite on the property however the director makes a good point. Not all who are affected by the green mineral are heroes and we must protect Earth from them.

What if it is a mere human that seeks to destroy you? We learn in this episode that it was Lillian Luthor that was seeking to end Lena’s life. Clearly these two people want to take the family legacy in two vastly different directions. A compelling story has begun as Supergirl soars onto a new network. Please join your Eye in the Sky Green Butterfly and Silver Vox as we re-examine this adventure.