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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

Supergirl continues to protect the planet. Many miles away in the Arctic, Dr.Jones is researching how to save our planet from a climate catastrophe. He wants to spread a message of conservation. Deep beneath the ice lays an organism that will consume the energy of everything it touches. It leaches all power leaving only empty shells in its wake.

Another thing that can zap energy away from you is the act of keeping a secret. The process of keeping a piece of yourself hidden. Kara Danvers understands that well. Until very recently few people knew of her super powers. What if your secret will cause people to view you in a different way? This is what Alex is thinking about. What will change if she admits she has feelings for Maggie?

In this episode we get a very realistic portrayal of what it feels like to come out as gay. Many of the words the writers use for our heroes match what I said many years ago. I still remember how thankful I was to the writers and our leading ladies for giving us this story. Even though that part of my story has passed I was glad for the next generation to have this story showing a positive and realistic coming out story.

As we move through this rewatch I love to see our team grow in strength together. It was fun to watch Supergirl take down Parasite. I hope you will join Green Butterfly and Silver Vox as we continue this journey with our Super Friends. Please remember don’t let a secret drain the life out of you. It is OK to say what you are feeling out loud. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Have a super week.