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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

What do you know about the people you spend your day with? Do you know what would make them exclaim “This Is the best day ever!”? All these little facts about you are the building blocks that construct the person that you are. What if someone tried to manipulate those core elements of your personality? What if you were erased? Now you are a blank slate. You are as pure as the moment you were born, but now you are at the mercy of the person punching the keys. It is them that will dictate how you act now. They dictate what will happen next.

Lena has the best of intentions. She wants to build a do no harm protocol. That sounds really great. People would no longer cause chaos or destruction to themselves or their community. It would certainly make the jobs of the Police, the Military and Superheroes easier. What about free will? Lena thinks she can solve the City’s problems by wiping the slate clean. She has used some of Andrea’s Obsidian North technology to accomplish this goal. I fear that someone else will manipulate Lena’s invention to mind control the citizens of National City.

On the way to work Kara and Alex stop by J’onn’s to bring him coffee. They find him crumpled on the floor in terrible pain. He tells them that he was confronted by a brother he doesn’t even remember. The unknown Martian must be telling the truth because J’onn’s symptoms are consistent with a curse. The curse a Martian must suffer if they raise a hand against their brother.

Long ago there was a Martian Civil War. The council banished J’onn’s brother Malefic to the Phantom Zone. His crime was helping the White Martians fight against his own people. J’onn’s memory was modified leaving no recollection of having a brother. The search is on for two Martians loose in the City.

As a result of the curse both J’onn and Malefic are crippled with pain. Kelly’s Q wave treatment cured both brothers or their ailment. This leaves Malefic and his White Martian minion free to cause mayhem.

Kara is having a tough day at work. Andrea Rojas wants to knock her Pulitzer Prize winning reporter down a few pegs. She assigns her a fashion story despite Kara having the lead on a Senate candidate. It is definitely hard to be a Superhero with a new boss giving you many deadlines to keep. Ms. Rojas doesn’t know about the Martians in the sewer.

Lena is confronted by Andrea about purposely dismantling her technology. Ms. Rojas repossesses the contact lenses. What she doesn’t understand is that she is too late. Lena has already learned what she needed from the Obsidian North technology. Lena also had some help. Eve pledged her loyalty to Lena. Ms. Luthor is very wary of human friendships and wants to rely on technology alone. I don’t believe Eve understands the price she will pay to stand by Lena’s side. Lena seeks to use Eve as a host for her virtual assistant Hope. What will this do to Eve’s mind? Will there be anything left of Ms. Tessmacher when Hope has achieved her mission? What is Malefic’s next move? We will just have to tune in next time and find out. Until then this is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly wishing you all a super week.