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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

If you can dream it, then you can do it! With Obsidian virtual reality contact lenses your imagination is the limit. Join nine million of your closest friends in an adventure with no limits. We have learned that here in National City seeing can be deceiving. Losing your grip on reality can be dangerous. What if someone takes control of your virtual world? What if someone turns your dream into a nightmare?

William is still tirelessly investigating Andrea. Kara wants to help. He is very resistant. This is a dangerous business and he is afraid to get Kara wrapped up in it. He doesn’t realize the Girl of Steel can handle herself. Strength alone will not save her. They are not dealing with just physical harm here. William speaks of the emotional and personal cost he has had to pay to chase down this story. William’s best friend Russ is gone and Andrea Rojas has something to do with it. Together William and Kara will get to the bottom of this story.

Alex is interrogating Breath Taker with the help of a truth seeker. Unfortunately answers are not forthcoming. It seems these Villains are accomplishing task without knowing the details of who they are working for. Brainy comes up with a plan to interrogate the mysterious Villain from two weeks passed. This leads to more proof that we are dealing with pawns in a bigger game.

Lena is making more progress in her lab with Malefic. She promises that she will remove the mind block that protects J’onn from his wrath. All he has to do is incept creatures with a growing level of difficulty. Malefic passes the test subduing an aggressive lizard turning it into a docile reptile. Now he wants his reward. He must be blinded with the anger he feels for J’onn. Lena’s mission is to do no harm. She will not remove the mind block so that harm can be done.

The launch of the contact lenses appears to be going smoothly but in the real world the DEO is tracking a problem. There has been a break in at one of Lex’s storage facilities. The thief has been identified as Rip Roar. A man who’s super suit gives him two additional long arms. Brainy says the marathon laser was stolen. This coupled with the pilfered particle amplifier can hit a target twenty six miles away and produce heat that is one hundred times hotter than the Sun. Kara must suspend her investigation with William and go check in with Alex. They are also using the private investigation skills of J’onn J'onzz. What he uncovers is truly unexpected.

When Kara confronts Rip Roar she is hit by the powerful laser. Supergirl is down but don’t count it as a win for the bad guys yet. Kara calls for backup and they fly off to Antarctica. Rip Roar has his eye on Lake Vostok and the Polar Ice Caps. He uses the laser to punch a hole in the ice. The resulting geyser causes a seismic shift. Supergirl radios Alex to let her know that the rest of the team must go to the waterfront. The melting ice and gushing water has the potential to cause flooding of biblical proportions.

The residents of National City are blissfully unaware of the danger that surrounds them. Alex is definitely in grave danger of many things including missing her date anniversary as she rushes to save innocent people lost in a dream. Back in Antarctica J’onn and Kara fly in formation to create a whirlpool to draw the water down and keep it from spilling out and flooding the Earth. Back in National City Dreamer is fully awake and battling a tidal wave with her dream powers.

Let’s hear it for the Superfriends. Another crisis has been averted but so much more of this story is left to be untangled. One question is answered. Rip Roar is William’s long lost friend Russ. His mission was to flood the planet starting with the West Coast. Andrea wouldn’t want that. The factories that produce her contact lenses are there. She would never make a decision that would jeopardize her own company. The mysterious woman who informed us that Leviathan is everywhere is impressed with Mrs. Rojas. What will Leviathan ask of her? What is this dangerous liaison? Join us next week for another adventure. Rest assured that our team can handle any crisis this world throws their way.