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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

Leviathan lurks in the shadows. It makes perfect sense that they would help create a shadow assassin. Power always comes with a price. Lena Luthor has led a life filled with betrayal. Her best friend at boarding school betrayed her. Her own brother and now Kara has betrayed her. I am confident there will be a price to pay for the secrets and lies.

Years ago two young girls met with similar family dynamics. They were rich girls whose families were ignoring them. The girls bonded over their loneliness and their shared love of the movie Titanic. They stayed in touch through the years. When Lex orchestrated a grand plan to kill Superman Lena calls on her friend Andrea for help.

Deep in the jungle of Costa Rica Lena and Andrea follow clues laid out in a legend. They are on the hunt for an artifact that will give them power over shadows. Andrea loses her footing and falls in a hole. Lena goes for some rope to rescue her. In her absence Andrea begins to explore. She is first upon this mysterious Medallion of Acrata.

Andrea retrieves the medallion from the rock it was set into and a man appears. He tells her that he can help her. Andrea’s father owns a tech company named Obsidian. Obsidian is struggling because it’s rival brought a superior cellphone to market. Mr. Rojas is so distressed he is threatening to take his own life. The mysterious man says he has the power to change all of this. The only catch is she must serve Leviathan when they call upon her.

Lena rescues Andrea who tells her the legend must be wrong. There is no magic medallion here. Someone else must have decoded the clues as they had. Lena will need a new plan to deal with Lex.

In present day our super friends are battling the shadow assassin. She is trying to get to Rip Roar. Will she kill him like she did the spider woman? I think not, because Andrea is the reason it was there in the first place. Leviathan was going to kill Russell for seeing too much. Andrea had to talk fast to prove that he could be an asset to the organization. He is studying Biotech. The tech Russell has developed can bring soldiers back from the brink of death.

At the DEO a battle is raging. Lena has used her inception power to gain control of Alex’s agents. I thought the DEO agents had a defense mechanism against inception. How did so many agents get infiltrated? The super friends prevail. This episode allowed us to peek through the shadows and shed some light on Lena’s past. She left Metropolis to chart a new path for herself. She wanted to get out of Lex’s shadow.

Supergirl and Alex were able to restore order at the DEO. Will Supergirl win the battle for Lena’s soul? Hope says the Medallion of Acrata was drained of power. Leviathan says it never possessed power but merely activates the darkness within a person. Now that Lena has the medallion will she be able to ravage the darkness within? Leviathan is lurking in National City. What will their next move be? Will they come seeking payment from Lena? Join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly next week for another super adventure. I have confidence that more answers will be revealed!