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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

In the beginning there was only darkness. Things changed and the emptiness was filled. Many worlds were born. There were countless variations and endless possibilities. On these Earth's protectors began to rise. People who would look after all those citizens taking steps to fulfill their various destinies. Thus the age of heroes was born. 

On Earth 38 the DEO is in a state of frantic action. Brainy says there are  signs of a worldwide earthquake. J’onn begins to brief the team about what the Monitor has told him. There is a wave of antimatter headed their way.  This wave carries with it the power to wipe out entire Earths from existence. The next cosmic location to be effected is Argo City. Kara must find a way to warn Clark. J’onn begins to head up an evacuation plan. They are going to need a portal. As director of the DEO Alex must make hard choices. She must go apologize and put her trust in Lena Luthor to save the innocent residents of Earth 38. 

Like his Father before him little Johnathan Kent has to be placed in an escape pod bound for Earth 1. At the same moment Argo is consumed Harbinger grabs his parents. They are added to the group she has assembled for the Monitor. The Earth shakes and a giant tower emerges. These structures have been placed on key Earth’s. Kara and Clark work on getting the towers functioning. Oliver gathers a team to take an offensive stand. Lois, Sara and Brainy set out to find where baby Jonathan has landed.

Their quest for the tiny Kryptonian takes them to Earth 16 in 2046. Sara comes face to face with a remorseful Oliver. He apologizes saying he should have never taken her on the Gambit. Sara assures Ollie that getting on that boat was not a bad thing. It led her to where she is now.  It was her destiny. The team retrieves Jonathan and returns to Earth 38. 

Upon their return the remaining heroes are facing off against a hoard of shadow demons. The Monitor said the battle is lost and resources must be conserved. Oliver refuses to give up until more people are evacuated. He had just told Mia that she must carry on and start telling her own stories. Unfortunately it looks like Oliver himself will not be around to witness it. He has given his life for Barry and Kara and the innocent souls of earth 38.

There is no time to grieve with the antimatter wave taking Earth after Earth without discretion.  They must find the seven Paragons and then they can win the fight. In a lucky twist of fate some of the elite heroes were already among them. Sara Lance is the Paragon of Destiny. Barry Allen is the Paragon of Love. Martian Manhunter is the Paragon of Honor. Kara Danvers is the Paragon of Hope The quest is on to find three more. 

Kara and Kate follow a lead to Earth 99 Gotham.  There they find a Bruce Wayne that is broken in both body and spirit. The Kate on his Earth has died. He and Superman got in a fight that left the Man of Steel dead and Bruce crippled. Needless to say Bruce is not happy with Kate’s Kryptonian friend. As he is dying he gives Kate a Kryptonite medallion for safe keeping.  Batwoman may think her mission is a failure. However upon her return Ray Palmer’s Paragon detector indicates that Kate Kane is the Paragon of Courage. </span>

Lois and Clark are Earth hopping. They are trying to warn all the Supermen of the Multiverse.  You see Lex Luthor is on a quest to kill them all. Among the Men of Steel dwells one who has faced more than the rest and still remains a Hero. A rouge villain took everything from this Kal El in one explosive move. Having survived this experience has made this Superman the Paragon of Truth. 

Barry Allen can not accept Oliver’s fate.   He was prepared to die in Crisis but not for his friend to die for him. Mia and Barry go on a mission to find a Lazarus pit that has yet to be destroyed by Nyssa. Sara is very uncomfortable with this plan. She knows all too well the consequences of being submerged in that magical water.  In the end she helps them because she misses Ollie too. They succeed in reviving his body. Oliver’s soul however is a different story. </span>

Kara is really struggling with what has happened to her Mother and Earth. She comes very close to using the Book of Destiny despite the risks that would entail. The Monitor says to use that type of power to change an outcome could cause insanity.  Kara believes her role as the Paragon of Hope means she should remain hopeful. That she can fix this immensely sad turn of events. Thank goodness Kate is there to talk her out of it. Supergirl doesn’t push mystical power past the point of no return.

Living under the crimson sky of death can be pretty stressful. All you want to do is hold your loved ones close until the danger subsides.  This is all Ryan Choi wants to do when Iris, Ralph and Ray come to see him. Iris is very persuasive in her argument that humans also have important roles to play in the fight to save the Earth. They need Ryan on their side. He is the Paragon of Humanity.

If there is any hope to save Oliver’s humanity they must save his soul. It is time for Constantine to make a deal with the devil.  On earth 666 Constantine looks to his old friend Lucifer Morningstar. He gives them a round trip ticket to purgatory. As long as they can find Oliver’s soul before the picture on the ticket fades away.

Cisco has found the source of the antimatter wave. The monitor restores Cisco’s vibe power and he and Barry race over to the source to try to stop the destruction. When they arrive they find Flash from Earth 90 trapped on the cosmic treadmill that is powering this disaster.  Vibe is able to breech Earth 90 Flash off the treadmill but the Anti- Monitor has programmed in a fail safe. All the remaining Earths will disintegrate at once if The Flash stops running. This is the moment that Barry has prepared for. This is the mission he has been running toward. The monitor said The Flash must die in Crisis. He never said which one. Before Barry can climb upon the cosmic treadmill Earth 90 Flash temporarily steals his speed. Earth 90 Flash has led a full life and would like to give Barry the opportunity to live his.   Earth 90 Flash runs and runs until he is reduced to molecules. The only Earth left in the multiverse is saved.

Oliver will not return with his daughter and best friend. Oliver feels he has to become something else. In purgatory Oliver meets The Spector. He feels taking on this identity is his latest mission. Back on the Waverider the Anti-Monitor has infiltrated the Paragons. He takes over Harbinger and fights his alter ego the Monitor.

In the last moments of the Multiverse our Paragons are transported to the Vanishing Point. A place that exists outside of time and space. All is lost.  There are no more earths. They are once again in darkness as it was in the beginning. Can the Paragons do anything to put right what has been destroyed? What will Oliver Queen contribute as The Spector?  The end of the world does stop one of the most intelligent mad men in the Universe. Lex Luthor has changed his destiny putting himself in the place of the Paragon of Truth. Can our heroes restore the Multiverse?  Will there be many Earths or just one? Will the cosmos soon be full again or an empty black void as far as the eye can see? Can they do it all with one of the world’s most cunning villains in their company? We will have to wait until January 14th at 8/7c on the CW. Until then this your Green Butterfly always with her eyes to the skies!