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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

May 21, 2020

It is the day that Lex has been waiting for.  He got his invitation to the Leviathan ship. He doesn’t have to take down Supergirl himself.  He can put the job in the hands of gods that are indestructible. Lex has given them the knowledge and the tools they need. He only has to sit back and enjoy the show. Kara texts Alex 911 and assembles the team to rush to her side.

Lena is not the threat here. Hopefully there will be time to talk more later about the events and choices that damaged their friendship. There is no time to talk about the past when the future is so uncertain. All the super friends must work together before these element wielding immortals destroy this world. Kara cannot join the fight until the new suit is finished to protect her from the kryptonite that Rama Khan stole from the DEO. Luckily Alex has a new suit and has mastered the Martian weapon that J’onn has given her.

Agent Dox cannot sit around and let Lex Luthor hurt his friends. He must get on the Leviathan ship and upload the mortality code before his friends are destroyed. Getting on the ship is the easy part but the ship has a radiation force field protecting it from intruders.  Agent Dox will not destroy Leviathan but trap them in a bottle where they will not be able to harm anyone ever again.  Agent Dox is determined to finish this mission even  if it is the last thing that he ever does. He collapses under the effects of the radiation.

J’onn and M’gann use their shape shifting abilities to impersonate Supergirl in the hopes of giving Lena and Kara enough time to make it across town.  The rest of the team is battling their hardest. Dreamer continues to have dreams of Brainy. She must fight on.  She cannot afford to be distracted right now.   

Kelly and Alex break into Obsidian's server room.  They need to create a backdoor for Supergirl to enter the virtual reality platform. They also need a lead on William. He was chasing down a story about Lex and no one has heard from him since. Kelly finds Eve Tessmacher’s IP address. Maybe if they find her they will find William. 

When Kara finds out William is in danger she rushes to the scene with no concern for her own safety.  Thank goodness Lena is watching her back with a new protective suit. Gemma is angry when three gods fail to take down Supergirl but she has a back up plan. She tells Andrea to harness the power of shadows and assassinate the superhero. Supergirl’s body will be vulnerable as her mind is engaged in the virtual world urging people to end the simulation before it is too late.  Before the Goddess of Technology snaps her fingers and kills them all. 

Lena builds walls around herself when she is hurt.  She has to put the past in the past. When they were young Andrea and Lena made a promise to each other. “When you jump I Jump”. Lena has to stand between Andrea and Supergirl now.  She doesn’t want Andrea to go down a dark path. She has seen what those consequences can lead to.  Yes Kara hurt Lena but in her heart Kara made that choice to keep Lena safe. Now Lena will protect Kara. Lena began her journey this season to do no harm. Now she is taking action to stand between and protect both of her friends. 

Agent Dox did it. He trapped the bad guys in a bottle. Now he is alone and dying.  Lex Luthor had a back up plan for Agent Dox’s moral code.  He is going to take down Supergirl and his mother is going to help him. Lena will do all she can to protect Supergirl and her team from the evil geniuses that share her name. Family is more than blood and Supergirl and her team are her family now.   This is your eye in the sky the Green Butterfly. Stay safe and have a super summer.