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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Jul 9, 2021

What makes someone your One True Pairing?  In my opinion it is many things. That person loves you for all that you are while also inspiring you to try new things. An individual that makes you laugh and holds you when you cry.  A person who knows what you mean even when a situation leaves you speechless.  A partner that will walk through the triumphs and disappointments of life with you.  Who should be that person for Kara? 

There will be challenges to face for sure. Our Maid of Steel has extraordinary powers.  Being a hero and a Paragon will make her late for dinner alot!  Does that mean someone that is super powered like Mon El would be the best choice?  Melissa and Chris are living happily ever after in real life. In addition, their on-screen chemistry is strong. Is this enough to vote Mon El in as Supergirl’s perfect life partner?

Silver Vox has always said James is the one for Kara. He understands her hero's life and pushes her to be a better journalist. They set them up perfectly in season one of the series only to tear it apart at the start of season two.  

Crisis has given us the gift of Kenny Li. The recent episodes explore the new timeline where he survives.  Those episodes show us that he loves Kara Danvers, Kara Zor El and Supergirl.

As we have always said, the Danvers’ sisters are the heart of the show. That could mean that OTP does not mean romantic love. Two girls born on different planets have become the closest sisters I have ever seen portrayed on television.  Green Butterfly and Silver Vox can’t wait to hear what our super friends have to say on this topic.   Who will come out on top?  Push play and find out!