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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Sep 24, 2021

Supergirl and her team are consumed with finding Nyxly before she can cause more harm.  This causes a lot of frustration for Kelly who is left to worry about the residents of The Heights.  They were about to start a new chapter in the housing development. A new home would give some stability in their lives. Now they are left with a pile of rubble and debris that is leaving them all literally breathless.

The people in charge won’t help. Counselman Rankin is only seeking the best treatment for herself. Now that the building set aside for low-income housing is gone, she can build a more opulent building to attract more businesses to the area. The residents of this area will continue to struggle while Rankin gets richer.

When Nyxly destroyed the building, she inadvertently infused it with fifth dimensional energy.  When Rankin is exposed to the energy, she begins to exhibit strange powers. When she thinks about something it magically materializes. Anything from a simple sandwich to a stack of money.  This comes at a cost to the other victims of the building collapse. Every time the counsel woman conjures something out of thin air the other victims get weaker and sicker.

After Kelly calls James to vent, John Diggle appears in National City. He has been where Kelly is before, so James called him in to support Kelly. Sometimes our heroes are only looking at the big picture.   Our team is not perfect, and it is their imperfection that makes these scenarios so real. I was proud of Kara and Alex for the conversations they had with Kelly in this episode.  They both came from a humble place admitting that they can never understand fully what Kelly’s life experience has been.  Conversely there are aspects of Kara and Alex’s life that Kelly will not be able to fully understand.  We are all influenced by the experiences that build our life and make us who we are.  We all have blind spots. It is what we do when the invisible becomes visible to us that defines what happens next.