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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 9, 2019

Technology helps us every day. I am using it right now to communicate with you. When will it go too far? Are we losing our connection with reality? Will we soon reach an event horizon? How much further can we push before we reach the point of no return?

Telling the truth is hard. Kara lied about her identity to her best friend. She kept making excuses for putting off telling Lena the truth. She had good reasons to justify it to herself. The consequence of waiting is that someone else may reveal the truth for you. Kara delayed so long that Lena heard the truth from Lex. Leave it to the Villian to reveal secrets and stir up trouble.

A distress call from the Museum interrupted Kara and Lena’s lunch. The truth will have to wait again. There is an unknown entity in National City. She is a shapeshifter masquerading as a harmless child. Why is she zooming away in the pod that brought Superman to earth? After the battle in the Museum J’onn is left with a muddled mind. As for Supergirl she suffered the claws of a prehistoric predator. She seems ok but her cape may not survive.

I wonder how Catco will spin this story? Andrea Rojas, owner of Obsidian North, has bought the paper. She is far more motivated by clicks on a headline than journalistic integrity. How will this affect Kara who is being given an award for reporting the truth? Moments before the presentation the truth pours out of Kara in a rush. Lena was immediately pulled on stage leaving Supergirl to wonder what the consequences of her deceit will be.

Lena is isolating herself. She is relying on a virtual assistant. She sold Catco so she can have the capital for other projects. She argues that humans are too driven by their emotions. She is challenging herself to simulations. She is hoping to disconnect herself from her humanity.

Miss Luthor is not the only one with a score to settle. The little girl I mentioned earlier was only a pawn. She was being used to gather objects her mistress needed to enter our world. Midnight materialized through a transmatter portal ready to fight. Supergirl is not the foe she seeks but J’onn J'onzz is.

It was J’onn who banished Midnight to the Phantom Zone. She had aided the White Martians in destroying his whole race. Midnight sucks him into a black hole. Without a moment of hesitation Supergirl flies into action. Brainy gives her dire odds but she uses solar flares from her eyes to help J’onn. She will always be there to help her team regardless of the consequences. Maybe not a pawn after all the mysterious little girl remains. What is her mission?

What will be the price to pay for deceiving Lena. She says she doesn’t want to kill Supergirl only cause her pain as she has caused Lena. She didn’t send the article to Andrea. That gives me a ray of hope that this friendship can be repaired. For now Lena is presenting a facade of forgiveness. She is a scorpion preparing to strike. This is far from our only problem.

When J’onn returns to his office someone is waiting for him. Just when we are sure we know the last Green Martian another one turns up. What does he want? I have so many questions. What about Leviathan? We were told Lex failed to move the needle. Is Obsidian North the next tool that is being used. It could be a good Company. Kelly said her new job there will be helping patients with dementia and PTSD.

Technology can have positive and negative effects. Will it be used to control people and bend them to the will of Leviathan? I fear Eve has reached the point of no return. She cannot run any more. This organization is everywhere. There is no escape. We will have to tune in next week to see who makes the next move. Until then this is your eye in the sky wishing you a super week.