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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Oct 23, 2019

Sometimes a decision is not completely wrong or completely right. What if laws are broken while trying to get justice for others? What if you commit a cardinal sin to relieve suffering? What if you tell a lie to spare a loved one's feelings? One lie becomes two and before you know it the lines are blurred.

Lena has very good intentions. She wants to manipulate the human brain to express all of our best traits. She wants a race filled with hope, empathy, and love. Lena claims she doesn’t want to control people. She is not looking to produce a City full of Zombies all bent to her will. How does Lena hope to accomplish this goal? She is seeking to take advantage of Kara’s super powers. A friend that is feeling guilty for hurting you is easy to take advantage of. Lena needs Lex’s help. His journals are at Fort Summit filled with information she needs to reach her goal. Surely retrieving them will not be hard for the Girl of Steel.

Dr. Niles Jarrod was found dead in a Nightclub. This seems like it should be a top story. Andrea feels his death doesn’t have enough sparkle and is not likely to get enough clicks so move on. Luckily James has a contact at the Medical Examiner’s office. The deceased has a spider tattoo on his heart. How did that even happen? This definitely seems like a job for a Pulitzer Prize winning Investigative Reporter.

Alex stops by for some much needed sister bonding and recognizes something on Kara‘s laptop. The woman wearing them is a stranger but the tattoos are familiar. Director Danvers has seen them on an alien prisoner that escaped when Lex invaded the desert facility. Maybe this is a DEO case after all. Even allegedly dead Lex is still playing a role in this story. Kara and Alex head to National City Hospital to save the next would be victim. After an epic battle the girl with the spider tattoo is taken out by an unknown assailant. She is struck dead before we can get any answers. Who does she work for? Why is she attacking doctors?

J’onn enlists the help of Nia. He thinks maybe repairing his memories with her dream might be the safest approach. In the dreamscape we see Malefic as a small boy unable to enter the Martian collective consciousness. His powers are different. Malefic has the power to influence minds and bend them to his will. This power was a threat to his community so he was sent to exile. When Malefic sided with the White Martians against his own people drastic measures had to be taken. M’rynn, was already so aggrieved by what had transpired with his younger son that J’onn felt he had to take action. M’rynn was a spiritual leader of his people. How could he lead after failing Malefic? In this moment J’onn must commit the most monumental sin of his people. He banished his brother to the Phantom Zone, stripped him of his power and wiped him from the minds of all Martians.

Malefic is plotting to get his power restored. Under the guise of Kelly’s friend Pete, he visits Obsidian North. He reports that he is having many symptoms of PTSD. Kelly immediately begins the Q wave treatment. In just moments the process achieved the desired effect. Malefic is immediately using his inception to control Kelly. He is trying to manipulate her into injuring herself. J’onn bursts in and tries to reason with Malefic. Instead Malefic makes a run for it. As a side effect of the Q waves Kelly now has the power to see Malefic regardless of what form he shifts into. This could spell trouble. James takes Kelly out of town to keep her safe. Kara grabbed a portal watch at Fort Summit that she gives to James just in case of emergency.

Supergirl delivers the journals she took from the Fort to Lena. Within the pages she finds Lex’s plans to use Q waves to achieve mind control. Soon will all the citizens of National City be under mental manipulation? William meets an unknown man who gives him a stack of money. The identity of the man is a mystery. The reason for the payout also unknown. So many questions and so many blurred lines. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Please join us next week for another super adventure!