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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Mar 11, 2020

With the launch of Obsidian North’s next generation of VR you will be able to see, taste, and touch your wildest dreams. The important thing is to not forget the real world around you. Losing touch with reality can have actual inescapable consequences. Alex has moved from being under Lex Luthor’s control. Her sister Kara is not as lucky. Lex wants to break into Leviathan’s inner circle. He believes the key to doing that is to protect their latest asset Andrea Rojas and therefore Supergirl is assigned to be her bodyguard.

Meanwhile animal trials have completed in the non nocere project. Even the most aggressive animals are rendered docile and friendly. Lex had promised to help Lena with the project and he has really come through. He arranged human subjects at the local prison to take non nocere to the next level. While there we see Steve again. He praises Lena as a hero for taking the violent tendencies out of his fellow inmates. Lena’s project only targets one region of the brain. The unforeseen consequence is Steve, usually a docile man, gets caught up in the grip of fear and revenge.

Since Supergirl is on assignment guarding Andrea she asks J’onn and Alex to investigate the alien that attacked her. This leads them to the alien bar that gives us leads in so many of the refugees causing trouble in National City. Due to purple lightning at the scene of Andrea’s attack the prime suspect must be a Chlorophyllian. That is confusing to J’onn because he says that race is usually very peaceful. Upon further investigation Alex finds a box containing an Obsidian employee badge and a suicide note. This is definitely a break in the case.

Alex is struggling on her first day outside the DEO. It is the first time she doesn’t have a whole team behind her and it is leaving her feeling vulnerable. Alex feels helpless when the gauntlet wielding Chlorophyllian steals J’onn’s power and lights the building on fire.

Supergirl leaves Andrea in Brainy’s custody at the DEO as she rushes to blow out the fire. Ms. Rojas gets so aggravated that Brainy won’t let her out of the cell to help override the fail safe. In this reality Andrea is just a CEO not Acrata a Leviathan agent that can move through the shadows. Somehow in this moment Andrea’s shadow powers are activated. Was extreme stress able to bring this ability on? The only thing I know for sure is that National City is going to descend into darkness when all the transformers blow and Lex Luthor is not answering his texts.

Alex, J’onn and Kara assemble all the clues. The note they found was addressed to my darling Amy. It is becoming clear that this is a case of revenge. Amy’s husband became addicted to Obsidian’s virtual reality lenses and then took his own life when the company fired him. Supergirl rushes to Obsidian headquarters to avert disaster. Amy steals Supergirl’s powers but she is still a hero.

Sometimes people just want to be seen and heard here in the real world. That is exactly how Supergirl is a hero in this moment. She makes Amy see reason. Helps her understand that she doesn’t want to hurt innocent people. Revenge is motivating her. She doesn’t want to do harm.

All of our super friends here in National City showed that there are different ways to be a hero. Brainy has learned from the Big Brain that he must keep working for Lex for the greater good. Unfortunately he is getting increasingly worried that it will cost him all his friends.

Will Lex get what he wants from Gemma and Leviathan? We will have to tune in next week and see. Never fear! Silver Vox and Green Butterfly will be with you no matter what. This is your eye in the sky The Green Butterfly wishing you a super week.