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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Feb 12, 2022

The Legacy of Supergirl for me will always be friends.  The friends that I would not have found if I hadn’t entered the superhero world. I began as many did with Arrow. Having no comic knowledge. I sought out a podcast to help understand this new world. The adventures of Oliver Queen were always a little dark for this butterfly, but I kept watching. Not as much for the show itself but for the Arrow Squad and the people it was drawing into its ranks.  Green Butterfly was technically born on the Central City Underground which celebrated The Flash. The brighter, more humorous tone suited my personality better, but I was still waiting for my hero. I had never heard of Supergirl.   I had seen a few superhero movies when I was younger, but my memories were hazy.  Almost everything I knew was coming from these new CW shows.  Then I met the Scarlet Cougar and Miss Ice. They both helped me understand the multiverse that was beginning to unfold in front of me.


I knew from the very first episode that Supergirl was going to be my favorite show.  It was funny, light, and full of hope. I was immediately drawn to the characters and the bond I could already see forming between them.   The podcast was super fun too. I often invented a role for Green Butterfly to play in that week's plot. I always wanted to make people smile so I let my silly side come out.  I love that the characters on our show are not bonded by blood but by something stronger. A deep emotional connection and commitment to each other. They support each other through this life all while keeping the world safe.  I also felt my friendships getting stronger as the show continued. Friendships that I feel may not have existed if Supergirl had not come into our living rooms.


There were aspects of the story that mirrored my life in ways that made the show even more meaningful for me.  One example is when Kara is exposed to kryptonite she is weakened and sometimes nearly paralyzed. I have Cerebral Palsy so when my muscles get sore and tired moving can seem like a monumental task.  Supergirl always fights through and I do too. When they had Alex come out in season 2 I was moved by how much that story resonated with me. The words and emotions Alex was expressing echoed mine from a decade before.  


The stories entertained me every week.  However, the people in the real world that I met because of the show will always mean the most.  In the years that have passed I have learned so much about my Superfriends. I understood which story elements would excite them and which one’s would drive them crazy. When Miss Ice said she had to step away I was really sad because I was worried Maid of Steel would not continue. Immediately I started praying for a hero and I was rewarded. I can't imagine my life now without Silver Vox. He swooped in when we needed him most.  National City got a new voice to speak the truth about what was happening there and I got a treasured friend.


I could never fill the Scarlet Cougar’s shoes. Karen taught me so much about superheroes and really ignited my passion to know more.   It was with her encouragement and the help of John, Geoff and Emilee that I found the bravery within myself to let my voice be heard on a weekly basis. I can’t be Scarlet Cougar, but I will always honor her and be your eye in the sky.   The Legacy of Supergirl for me will always be one of fun, friendship, and hope.  Whatever our next adventure holds, I hope you all will join us. Because the most important thing to remember is tv shows will come and go but Superfriends are forever.