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Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

Rama Khan is a god.  He orchestrated some of the most enormous tragedies in history. Noah’s flood, the volcano in Pompeii, even the demise of the dinosaurs can all be traced back to him. Now he wants to cleanse the World. Take out mankind for the crime of existing. In his eyes humans are simply abusing the Earth and squandering it’s resources.  The council is not happy with Rama Khan’s recent performance. Perhaps they will put someone else in charge. Will the next Elder in charge condemn Earth 38 to a worse fate?

Lena Luthor also wants to change the World.  She doesn’t have dreams of fire and destruction. Her plan is one where the whole World will bend to her will. She calls it Operation Non Nocere “ Do no Harm “.  Lena is going to exploit Malefic’s powers and Kara’s trust to mind control the entire population! Supergirl is not willing to give up hope that Lena can be saved and put back on the right path. Kara pleads with Lena to not allow her mistake to plunge Lena down a path of darkness. 

The director of the DEO can’t let emotions make her decisions now.  Love has left Alex somewhat distracted in the past few weeks. Her sister is too emotionally entangled in this situation.  It is Alex who must look at the Myriad situation objectively. Brainy is by her side running a series of probabilities but in the end it is Alex’s decision. Can she trust that Malefic is strong enough to defeat the mind control Q waves?  Is Malefic sincere in wanting to help them in penance for his past deeds? Is Kara right? Can Lena be saved or must she pay for her decisions with her life?

Andrea Rojas wants to stop working for Leviathan. Something tells me this is not the sort of job you can walk away from.  Rama Khan needs the power on Acrata to power the shadow staff. He wants to use his Earth moving power to awaken a sleeping giant residing under National City. There is a Supervolcano right under their feet. Supergirl must get to the tar pits fast before there is an explosion that by Brainy’s calculations will be 10,000 times bigger than Pompeii!

Malefic kept his word and helped the DEO neutralize Myriad without the use of the Claymore satellite.  When they went to the base to arrest Lena Hope said it was all her fault. Was this part of Lena’s plan all along?  Did she develop this program and integrate it into Eve’s body so that she would have someone to assume responsibility and keep herself out of jail?

J’onn gave Alex some great advice in this episode. People are going to make mistakes. You have to give them a chance to do better. Give them the opportunity to step back into the light. I am so glad that Supergirl is a Hero that never loses hope. We are going to need that in the crisis to come. I will keep my eye to the sky. We are going to need all of our super friends. The consequences of the coming crisis could be infinite!